Horror Films

How do we decide what are horror films and what isn’t? I’ve been having this discussion with a couple of people and it’s still difficult to say. This is what the internet defines a Horror Film – “A horror film is a movie that seeks to elicit a physiological reaction, such as an elevated heartbeat, through the use of fear and shocking one’s audiences” (source Wikipedia). The comment that I think is reverent is “Horror films often deal with viewers’ nightmares, fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown” I think this is what defines whether it’s a Horror or Fantasy/Thriller for example IT is often described as a Horror due to it playing with peoples fear and especially of Clowns for the Pennywise character however if you don’t have those fears it’s more thriller/fantasy than horror. When I was growing up the main one was Nightmare of Elm Street though technically I wasn’t old enough to watch them these were to me genuine horror movies as scared me, they don’t anymore though, but ones like Child’s Play which gave us Chucky never did though I know for other people it did.

Thriller movies like 47 Meters Down could also be classed as a Horror like Jaws was though I found 47 Meters Down kept me on the edge of my seat with heart racing whilst IT besides one scene never did though I enjoyed the movie as a whole.

Horror films seem to be split up now too so you have psychological horror which mother! has been classed under as relies on religion the scare; Sci-Fi like the Alien films; Slasher/Splatter like Saw, Friday the 13th; Supernatural like Exorcist, The Omen and Zombie/Vampire ones. I however would include Nature in to Horror like The Day After Tomorrow and San Andreas Quake which are disaster films which to me are more Horror as could happen or more likely to happen then the majority of Horror movies which scares me more. These are some films I’ve been told are good Horror Movies to show the range of Horror –

Se7en – a Crime/Thriller rather than horror where police have to solve 7 murders based on the 7 deadly sins.

Final Destination – a series of films where a group cheat death after a premonition but each individual then dies through freak accidents, started off well but got predictable.

28 Days Later – A Danny Boyle film and probably one of the best Zombie films.

Friends Request – this is my favourite as even though you could guess what’s happening it still surprises you when does.

The Shining – This returning to some cinemas shortly for a special run, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson it’s another based on a Stephen King Novel and is often in the top 10 Horror Movies though not originally a success.

Psycho – possibly one of the best known and most famous horror scene.

Carrie – based on a Stephen King novel possibly the best known as well as first adaptation and a coming of age film.

They’re hundreds of other good Horror Movies and I’ve only mentioned a few, other horror films I grew up with apart from ones mentioned early were poltergeist, Friday the 13th and Halloween.

I think Horror is probably the Genre of Movies that has the most released as normally one every other week (or so it seems) this week sees Happy Death Day in the UK.

Personally I’m not a major fan of Horror as rather than what’s happening on screen it’s the loud music that annoys me, I know possibly part of the package but it ruins the film for me. The scenes that scare me the most are ones where you see someone at a window and not only in Horror movies as I remember a scene from Only Fools and Horses that was similar and scared me, I do like a good thriller though as find they have a better story behind it.

The Snowman

Date Watched: – 18th October 2017

Director: – Tomas Alfredson

Genre: –  Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Starring: – Michael Fessbender (Harry Hole), Rebecca Ferguson (Katrine Bratt), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Rakel), Jonas Karlsson (Mathias), Val Kilmer (Rafto)

Review: –

I was expecting this to be more horror then it was though not sure why, this is based on the novel by Jo Nesbø and follows an elite detective (who’s going through issues and is drinking) who picks up an investigation from a new recruit, Katrine, regarding disappearance of women who’s abductor uses a Snowman as a calling card and Katrine believes it links to a disappearance of another women years previously.

The film starts years before the main story and then has a few flash back to 9 years previously which follows another detective (Rafto) who also investigated female disappearances which ties up in the main story in 2 ways. It is set in Winter and the investigation is kept under wraps whilst the bid for the World Cup is still to be decided to stop the chances of the city being affected.

I thought Rebecca and Michael played their characters superbly and I really liked Rebecca’s character and a bit disappointed how her character finished. The character of the “Snowman” is also kept hidden until you start to guess towards the end of the film as you probably think of 2 or 3 others during the film which keeps you guessing and interested in the film.

Overall it is a good film even if different to what I expected, it is a 15 as there is some gruesome scenes but overall I wouldn’t say was too bad though it might give some nightmares or feel sick. A solid 7 out of 10

Monster Trucks

*Not sure why this didn’t get review at the time, it might’ve been on old site but got lost when 1 and 1 made a complete mess of it*

Date Watched: – 7th January 2017

Director: – Chris Wedge

Genre: –  Action, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

Starring: – Lucas Till (Tripp Coley), Jane Levy (Meredith), Amy Ryan (Cindy Coley), Rob Lowe (Reece Tenneson), Danny Glover (Mr Weathers), Barry Pepper (Rick), Holt McCallany (Burke), Frank Whaley (Wade Coley), Thomas Lennon (Dr Jim Dowd) & Tucker Albrizzi (Sam Geldon)

Review: –

Missed the review for this on my blog for some reason but took Bryony to this as a lazy weekend film after a hectic Christmas period and it was perfect for this.

An oil company that basically owns the town is digging for oil when an accident occurs and it releases 3 subterranean creatures but 2 are captured but one manages to escape, meanwhile Tripp is looking for something to do to escape his life as his parents are divorced and he doesn’t get on with his mum’s new boyfriend the local Sheriff, Tripp works part-time at the local junkyard and one evening whilst working on his Pickup truck when he encouters the escaped creature.

Tripp and classmate Meredith encounter the creature the following day and finds he has a diet of oil and take shelter in Tripps’ truck and they name him Creech, Tripp modifies the truck to give Creech more room and Creech beomes the trucks engine, when Tripp goes to see his dad who works for the Oil company he finds out he has sold Tripp out and the Oil Company are waiting for him to capture Creech.

Tripp and Meredith then go and rescue Creech and the other 2 creatures who turn out to be Creech’s parents, during the Rescue Tripp is saved by Creech after falling into the gap that leads the creatures back home, Tripp and Rick start to have a better relationship and Meredith and Tripp begin dating.

This reminded me a lot of the Saturday Morning films I used to watch when I was a kid. This is an easy to watch film and has some funny moments in and you can’t help but love Creech. This is a solid family film and does what it’s supposed to and I give it a solid 7/10


The latest novel by Dan Brown to review this time rather than a film. Origin being the fifth book involving Robert Langdon by Dan Brown after The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol (the only book not been made into a film) and Inferno.

Origin is set in Spain starting at the Guggenheim Museum before moving to Barcelona and involves one of Langdon’s former student, the Spanish royal family and a Bishop. Whilst like The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons it’s set against religion it isn’t as much a race against time solving clues though has a couple of clues and rather than time it’s against being caught.

I won’t do any spoilers here but I found this better than Inferno and goes back to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons where I would read for hours into the early hours of the morning as got gripped, this would make a good film I reckon. The Arts, Museum and Cathedrals are as per Brown’s previous novels all real which I think adds to the story. If you like Dan Brown’s previous books this is a must read though if new to the Robert Langdon character the previous books are best read before this (or at least The Da Vinci Code).

Ana de Armas

In my review for Blade Runner 2049 I mentioned this was first time I’ve seen Ana in a film but I then realised I had seen her in War Dogs but she looked completely different, she also appeared in Overdrive which is on my to watch list as didn’t get to see at the cinema earlier this summer. When looking on IMDB I noticed she was the trending star of the week so thought I’ll find out a little about her. She’s 29 and Cuban and though she’s been around for a while it seems it’s only since last few years when she moved to LA from Spain that she’s appeared in more mainstream films such as Watch Dogs, Overdrive and Blade Runner 2049. I expect she will start appearing in more and I can even see her finding her way into Marvel/DC universe.

I may carry on doing little blogs on Actors/Actress and even directors like this as I also learn from doing it.

Movies, What do people want from them?

Whilst I write a review I tend to draft out what I’m going to write using notes app on my phone before laying it out (now on word) and uploading to WordPress, after I’ve drafted it I tend to check facts and read other reviews and I’ve noticed points in other reviews that I feel are daft in my opinion, their entitled to say it as that’s there opinion so I thought what do people want from films? It started a while back but it was whilst reviewing The Mountain Between Us that got me thinking about it as someone put in they review it was unrealistic as no-one said “I’m Cold” in it; so do we want it to be realistic, a good story, good setting, good morals, something you can relate too, something to make you scared, think or something different?

Personally I like a good story that draws you in and takes you away from everyday life, I now watch different genre and different types of films I didn’t use to watch, those that read my blog can see that my fave films are, Room which is based on a real story and it draws you in, The Day After Tomorrow a Sci-Fi/Thriller I guess unrealistic, probably, but again a good story that sucks you in and The Breakfast Club, something most people can relate to but again the story to me sucks you in.

I don’t everybody to like what I like and that’s a good thing and I like reading other people reviews even if I disagree with them, I’ll only comment if I think a fact is wrong though occasionally it’s because we’ve watched a different version of the film as there is slight differences in some movies between US, UK and other International releases.

So what do people want from a film? I don’t think there is a real answer to it as people want different things the same as in life.

So what do you want from a film?

Blade Runner 2049

Date of Review :- 8th October 2017
Starring :- Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks
Director :- Denis Villeneuve

Review :- This movie looked good from the trailers and having not seen the the forst Blade Runner Film I didn’t know what to expect. Brief Summery of film, K works for the LAPD as a Blade Runner, a replicant that is used to hunt and ‘retire’ older replicant models and lives in an apartment with his holographic girlfriend Joi which is a product from the Wallace Corporation that also now make the replicants, during one retiring he finds a buried box that opens up a minefield of issues as contains a body of a once pregnant replicant and leads him to find a former Blade Runner Rick Deckard not knowing who to trust along the way.
I enjoyed this film and will need to watch the Original Blade Runner but even without seeing the first film you can watch this film on its own but I expect would be more understanding if had seen the original. I however think the film was too long at 160 minutes and some scenes could’ve cut out as we didn’t need all the scenes with K and Joi and the part where he goes to the Wallace Corporation could’ve trimmed in my opinion. That said this was one of the best Sci-Fi films I’ve seen this year and I liked Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks in the film as this was the first time I had come across them and their were on par with Ryan and Harrison who were the main stars of the film though like many films now one of the big stars only shows up near the end.
As a Cinema release whilst it looks good on a big screen I think films that are over 2 and half long are too long, having a 3 hour film as home media isn’t as bad and as mentioned I think could’ve been shortened without losing any of the story. This reflects in my rating as only giving it a 7/10 but if was about 30 minutes shorter it would’ve got an easy 8/10. If you can watch 160 minute films and like Sci-Fi go and watch.