Camino Island

The latest book by John Grisham which I have just finished takes a different approach from most of his other books that are normally a Lawyer/Court setting though still has a criminal aspect to it. Set in Camino Island but start at Princeton University where a gang of thieves steal a precious bounty that is priceless but insured for $25 million. The FBI and Insurers start looking for the loot whilst the FBI are mainly on the gang of thieves the insurers are focused on the loot and where it may end up which brings us to Camino Island. The insurers enlist the help of a young novelist who has got a writers block and currently acting as teacher who they hope will be able to help find the goods by seduction and gaining the trust of the suspect who they believe has acquired the goods.

Though this isn’t the normal topic of John Grisham it is still a good book however it didn’t hook me as much as other books he has done such as The Whistler however it still beats many other Authors and books I’ve read.

Any John Grisham fan will lap this up but anyone looking for a summer read this will be perfect too. Anyone wanting a new author to read won’t go far wrong with John Grisham.

New Music

Spending the afternoon in the sun (reminds me need to put after sun on) blogging and listening to some new music I thought I blog about the music I was listening too as that’s what this site is about. First up is the new album by Katy Perry – Witness. I was disappointed with this album that I’ve only listened to half of it but it didn’t have her normally upbeat tracks, there doesn’t seem to be a Roar or Firework and just made more bored, sorry Katy you can do much better then this, very disappointed. 3/10

Second was Heart Break by Lady Antebellum, as like other Albums by Lady Antebellum this stays along the same style that works for them and if you liked their other albums you will like this one. 6/10

Thirdly was Truth is a Beautiful Thing by London Grammar, well until I saw adverts for this album I had never heard of London Grammar before let alone listened to any of their songs but I was pleasantly surprised by it and found quite enjoyable and very easy to listen too, those with Music Streaming services go and have a listen you might like me be pleasantly surprised and add this to you music list.7/10

I also listened to Martine McCutcheon’s new single – Say I’m Not Alone and actually really liked it, it sorted her voice and was very up beat and worked perfectly for me riding to it as speeds up and slows down well. I’m certainly looking forward to her Album Lost and Found when it comes out.

Alien: Covenant

Not being a fan of the Alien film series I was open minded about this and as a Cineworld Unlimited Card holder it didn’t phase me whether it was good or not as was part of a day out with friends.

Covenant is set 10 years after Prometheus in the Alien franchise which started with Alien in 1979, Covenant like Prometheus is set before Alien.

The colonisation ship the Covenant is bound for Origae 6 when the ship is damaged and the ships captain dies when his Pod malfunctions and he is burnt alive. Whilst repairing the ship one of the crew picks up a radio transmission that nearly kills him, upon checking the transmission they find it’s coming from a nearby world that is a better match for colonisation than Origae 6 and as many of the crew are reluctant to return to their Pods acting Captain Oram decides to take the ship down to investigate despite the objections of Daniels. Whilst the Convent stays in orbit an investigating team descends to the plant and 2 members of the team get infected by Alien spores and are rescued by David who survived the Prometheus mission and had been sending out the signals the Covenant had picked up, the scouting craft is destroyed whilst Maggie attempts to shot and destroy one of the Alien creatures stranding the crew.

As not a fan of the Alien movie series I can’t really compare this to other movies in the series but this was a decent film but am told it’s not as good as the others in the series, I give it a 7/10 rating for this film though.



A Cineworld Unlimited screening saw me take in this movie with the added bonus of a free pack of Candy King sweets (I picked Strawberry Candysticks), I had already planned to see this before it was announced that it would be a Unlimited screening. Starring Chris Evans as Frank Adler who takes care of his 7 year old Niece Mary played by McKenna Grace after the suicide of her mother Diane. The film also stars Lindsay Duncan as Mary’s grandmother and Frank’s Mother Evelyn, Octavia Spencer as Roberta, Frank’s neighbour and friend and Jenny Slate as Bonnie Stevenson, Mary’s first teacher.

Mary is not a normal 7 year old girl, she is the daughter of Mathematical prodigy and is one herself and has never gone to normal school before, but after homeschooling her Frank decides she needs to go to school to become a normal child and interact with kids her age. After causing trouble by not being used to school her teacher Bonnie is shocked when Mary gives a correct answer to a difficult Math questions which she answers. After a incident on the school bus where Mary stuck up for a fellow classmate by breaking a 12 year old bully’s nose she again gets into trouble and is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children but Frank refuses which then leads to his mother to turn up and sue for custody of Mary.

Rather than carry on with the story I urge you to watch the film. Mckenna stole this movie, I’m not sure if there is an age limit for awards but she fully deserves one as for a 10 year old you can’t fault her acting and the chemistry she had with Chris Evans was really good. I did see this whilst had an eye infection so my eye was watering a lot during the movie but you will need to take tissues with you.

I’ve already booked to see this again this weekend, I feel that this could be an award contended but feel it’s been released too early for it to be a real contender but time will tell.

9/10 for this is truly deserved in my opinion.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Salazar’s Revenge

AKA Dead Man Tells No Tale in other markets. Another series of films I’ve not got into but took Bryony and Dawn to see as they are in to the series, I’ve only watched the first film in the series but have now got the other films to watch.

Starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Javier Bardem as Captain Armando Salazar, Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner, Kayla Scodelario as Carina Barbossa/Smyth, Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa with Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley briefly reappearing as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

The film follows Henry Turner (son of Will and Elizabeth) as he searches both Captain Jack Sparrow and the Trident of Poseidon to break the curse of the Flying Dutchman and free his father, aboard a royal navy ship following a pirate ship he notices that they are about to enter the Devils Triangle and after trying to make the captain turn around he is jailed for insubordination and locked up, the ship enters the triangle and the ghost ship of Silent Mary attacks them and the undead sailors slaughter the crew of the Monarch except for Henry and tells him to warn Jack Sparrow he’s coming for him and says he always leaves one sailor alive to them the tale as Dead Men Tells No Tales. On St Martins, Carina Smyth is in jailed being accused of being a witch and whilst talking to a priest she manages to pick her lock and shackles and escapes where she bumps first into Jack who had managed to break into a Safe to sleep, which is then stolen by his crew. Then whilst disguised as a nurse she meets Henry and they manage to talk a bit about the Trident. But both Jack and Carina are then captured whilst Henry escapes and they’re sentenced to death and by luck they’re due to be executed at the same time and between Henry and Jack’s crew they manage to free both of them and this starts the adventures across the seas hunting for the Trident using the map Carina has in a form of a book left to her by her father (this brings around a sub-plot). Watch the film for the rest.

I enjoyed this film and will now get round to watching the others to see if I can now get in to the series as sometimes it may take me a few attempts at watching films to get into them (the same as music). A tip for those yet to see the film, you need to stay until after the credits to see a bonus scene.

7/10 a good and very watchable film.


One Love Manchester

I just had to write a blog about the concert that was held on Sunday 4th June less than 24 hours after another terrorist attack in London that was being held in memory and for those effected by the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert 2 weeks ago. Ariana organised the concert and arrange the artist to perform and performing herself with many of them. Among those that performed where Manchester where Manchester’s own Take That, Robbie Williams (though born in Stoke but lived mostly in Manchester) and Liam Gallagher, other artist included Ariana’s pop stay friends Miles Cyrus, Katie Perry & Justin Bieber along with Coldplay, The Black Peas and Pharrell Williams but the most moving performance with Ariana was the Parrs Wood High School Choir with My Everything. Most of the songs performed had one thing in common, defiance, such as Don’t Look Back in Anger (performed by Chris Martin & Ariana), Stronger (Robbie Williams), Break Free (Ariana), Live Forever (Liam Gallagher & Chris Martin) and rounded off by Ariana singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow which was a moving tribute to those that lost there lives, it’s song that I love and to me it was so fitting and I will have to watch the concert again just to hear this track again. 

Whilst watching I was also Twitter, tweeting and reading other tweeters tweets and I was surprised by the world wide audience of the concert and during the concert details started being shared of what Ariana had done for the people of Manchester that had been affected. 

There is people that saying what does a concert achieve well to me it brought 55,000 people together in the name of Love and defiance and told terrorist up yours we’re not going to hide from you and at present it’s probably the one positive thing that’s come from many terrorist attacks in Europe and not been argued about. There is 2 images that sums up the concert to me 

The first was Ariana hugging the soloists of the Parrs Wood High School Choir after she got too emotional and the second was a policeman joining in dancing with some children. 

I loved the performance and I believe that Ariana should be honoured by the City of Manchester and I also believe she should be given an honour by the Queen, the concert raised over £2million on the night and I’ve just read that this figure is now over £10million and will continue to rise which is just phenomenal, on the day I watched Wonder Woman at the cinema it just seemed fitting that I can use the word Phenomenal Women for Ariana and call her a Wonder Woman and not forgetting she made Piers Morgan write a letter of apology. 

Ariana for a young lady of 23 what you have experienced and what you have done in the last 2 weeks is more than that 99% of what the world have done and will do in their lifetime, you have gained respect from those that just thought you were another Pop Princess. What you have given Manchester and the UK is more than your money and time you united them again and reduced the coverage and impact of the terror attack just the night before you became a true Brit last night. 

Love will conquer hate and we will not bow to terrorist, we will continue our way of life. #OneLoveManchester

Help support the fund –

Wonder Women

In the last 12 months (Room was last one) no movie has given me Goosebumps even the ones I’ve given 9/10 but a scene in Wonder Women did and I just thought WOW and got goosebumps all over. The movie as a whole is just Wow, yes there are some things that could’ve been better but what film doesn’t have them. It’s not much under 2 and a half hours long but it didn’t drag and didn’t feel that long. Diane now living in France receives the original of the photo of her during the War (Seen in Batman Vs Superman) with a note saying about hearing the story behind the photo, we then go to the story starting with a young Diane (Lilly Aspell) sneaking away from her schooling to watch the Amazons train on the Island of Themyscira but is caught by her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), as she grows up (Emily Carey) her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) starts training her in secret. When an Adult, Diane whilst dualling with Antione release a power she didn’t know she had, scared she ran to the cliffs where she sees a plane shot down and dives in to rescue the pilot (Chris Pine). This now takes us into the main part of the film that’s set during the First World War and she joins forces with the pilot she saved – Captain Steve Trevor. From here I won’t mention anymore of the film but many of the scenes are excellent including one that gave me goosebumps. I think Gal portrayed Diane/Wonder Woman perfectly and I honestly can’t picture anyone else in the role, she has the exotic beauty of an Amazon Warrior with hardness she also portrayed in Fast and Furious. I for one can’t wait to she her in the next DC film and actually hope there is another Wonder Women film (though don’t think any are planned just a Justice League one). 

This is probably one if not the best DC film and even if not a DC fan this is a truly brilliant film, I think I might have to watch it again and I will certainly getting it when released on Home Media. I just hope Tribe release a Wonder Woman USB stick and already trying to get a special edition Funko Pop Vinyl Figure that’s only available in one chain of stores in the US (Diane Prince in Blue Dress). 

Can I justify giving this 10/10, well I don’t see why not, it deserves more than 9/10 and it certainly challenging as one of the best films I’ve seen in my opinion so yes I’m going to give it 10/10