A Monster Calls

This is an emotional Movie starring Lewis MacDougall (Conor), Felicity Jones (Lizzie – Conor’s Mum), Sigourney Weaver (Conor’s Grandma) & Liam Neeson as ‘Monster’ a humanoid yew tree.

Conor who is dealing with School bullies as well as his mother’s terminal illness encounters a tree like monster one evening at 12:07 who tells Conor it has come to tell three tales after which Conor must tell him his story, his nightmare. The Monster visits Conor always at 12:07 either A.M or P.M, during one visit Conor trashes his Grandma living room where he is staying with his Mum, another visit whilst he’s at school Conor turns on his bully and beats him up as the Monster encourages him to let his anger out. During one of Monster’s last visit he forces Conor to confront his nightmare, his mother’s death and Conor finally accepts this, he returns to the hospital in time to comfort his mother as she dies at 12:07. He returns with his Grandma to her house and is given his mother’s old room, in the room he finds his Mother’s old art book, in it is the characters of the stories that were told by the Monster and a drawing of his mother with the Monster.

I really liked this film, it was like I was being told a story as well there being the stories in the movie, I wanted the stories to continue even though I needed to pee! It was an emotional film but very well done, Lewis and Felicity were outstanding and it deals with 2 difficult subjects in one film, if like stories you’ll like this if you want action you won’t but honestly I recommend it.

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