Assassin’s Creed

Not the game but the film. I must admit though the game looked good I’ve never played it and don’t know the story so when Dawn & Bryony mentioned they want to see it I said I’ll take them as wouldn’t cost me anything apart from Petrol. After a delay in getting our snacks, we seemed to pick the slow queue, we settled down to watch the film and weren’t disappointed.

Before I write the review, question to those who watch it does Marion Cotillard who plays Dr Sophia Rikkin look pregnant is some of the scenes? Not sure if she was during filming but did check and found she’s currently is pregnant, weird!

Starring Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch/Aguilar De Nerha, Marion Cotillard as Sophia Rikkin, Jeremy Irons as Alan Rikkin and Ariane Labed as Maria. It starts in 1492 during the Spanish Inquistion, by showing the ceremony of Aguilar De Nerha being accepted into the Assassin’s brotherhood which for centuries have opposed the Templar Order and having his ring finger cut off to make way for the hidden blade that is the main weapon of the Assassin’s, it then cuts to 1986 where Callum Lynch returns home to see that his mother has been killed by his father Joseph Lynch a member of the modern day Assassin’s order, as Alan Rikkin approach to capture Joseph he tells Callum to run. 30 years later Callum is due to be executed for the murder of a Pimp, he is rescued by the Abstergo Foundation which Alan Rikkin is the CEO of and taken to Madrid where Dr Sophia Rikkin tells Callum he is a descendant of Aguilar and conscripts him to the Animus Project where he is connected to a machine that allows him to relive Aguilar’s genetic memories so they can learn the whereabouts of the Apple of Eden which is the secret to the Free Will.

During these memories we see Aguilar along with Maria (another Assassin)¬†escaping from the Knights Templar and avoid being executed, back at the facility Callum learns his father is also being held and gets the truth of his mother’s death and that she was also an Assassin. Callum vows to destory the Assassin’s and find the Apple of Eden and willingly enter the Animus, during the battle for the Apple of Eden Maria is killed and Aguilar escapes by performing a leap of faith, Aguilar gives the Apple to Christopher Columbus who vows to take the Apple to his grave, meanwhile the other prisoners at the facility stage a riot to escape and Callum who now embraces his Assassin heritage joins them. Meanwhile Alan having retrieved the Apple from Columbus’s tomb along with the Templars converge at a Templar Hall in London to celebrate the recovery of the Apple but Sophia has now become disillusioned and meets Callum who has come to retrieve the Apple and allows him to kill Alan and retrieve the Apple, horrified she vows revenge.

The ending leaves more films to be made and since I’ve learnt they’re planning more films which I think can be either a good or bad thing, it’ll either be a big hit or a terrible flop. I really enjoyed the film and don’t believe I missed out by not playing the games, in fact I think I might gain from not playing them.

This film also became my first entry in the Film Journal that Dawn has got for me.


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