Another Oscar Nominated film directed by and starring Denzil Washington (Troy Maxson), Viola Davis (Rose, Troy wife), Jovan Adepo (Cory, Troy & Rose’s Son), Stephen Henderson (Jim Bono, Troy friend), Russell Hornsby (Lyons, Troy son from a previous relationship) and Mykelti Williamson (Gabriel, Troy’s brother).

Set in Pittsburg in the 1950’s, Troy and Bono work as Waste Collectors, Troy lives with his wife Rose and teenage soon Cory. It shows the family life with Cory wanting to play football for the school but Troy trying to block him due to his issues with trying to be a problem Baseball star and his long suffering wife Rose. There is a lot of family drama but is a throughly enjoyable film to watch. It’s based on a play and works really well and I can see why it’s up for several Oscars, Denzil is at his best in this film but don’t think he will win though any other year he’ll probably would with this performance. There is several stories within the film that keeps it interesting and the 2 hours flew by.

Any Cineworld Unlimited members should go and see or if you’re looking for an good film go and see.

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