Hacksaw Ridge

Another Cineworld Unlimited screening; I was looking forward too since I saw was an unlimited screening as wanted to see since saw the first trailer as the trailer looked really good even though I had never heard of the story behind it before and I wasn’t disappointed, during me seeing the trailer and going to see the film the film had won a Golden Globe and nominated for an Oscar which shows how good the film is as all awards are deserved.

Starring Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss an 7th day Adventist who refused to carry a weapon and was a conscientious objector who won the Medal of Honor, it also stars Vince Vaughn as Sergeant Howell, Sam Worthington as Captain Glover and Teresa Palmer as Dorothy Doss. The film set during the Second World War starts with Desmond’s childhood where he nearly kills his brother with a brick and his life before joining the Army where he saves a man after the car he was working on collapses on him where he meets and falls in love with a nurse (Dorothy). As the majority of the town including his brother enlist to join the Army, Desmond enlists too but as a Conscientious Objector he intends to serve as a Combat Medic, before leaves for training he asks Dorothy’s hand in marriage which she accepts. We see the issues Desmond and his Sergeant needed to deal with and the consequences which see Desmond not being able to attend his marriage. Desmond and Dorothy do eventually get married before Desmond goes to war. The war action is where this movie shines and the heroics of Desmond, if your put of by the sight of blood then you won’t be able watch this as you’ll see a lot of it plus body parts and guts! The movie ends with real interviews of some of the heros including Desmond.

This is a seriously must see film and a worthy Oscar nomination for multiple awards, I’m backing Andrew Garfield as best Actor and Mel Gibson as best director and think the film could win best picture too. After watching the film I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Desmond Doss before and have full respect to the people who have served their countries in wars especially the World Wars. This is the first film I’ve rated in my journal as a 5 star film (only started this year) and is up there with the best films I’ve seen.

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