LA LA Land

So close to amazing and a film that wins 7 Golden Globes (plus i expect more awards in next month or so) and I think it could’ve better, when did I become a harsh critic?

First off it is a very good film so yes go and watch if you like Musical type films, this reminded more of Singing in the Rain than High School Musical and Hairspray. Featuring Ryan Gosling as Sebastian and Emma Stone as Mia with John Legend also featuring as Keith. I’m going to write this without giving any of the film away.

It’s set in Hollywood where Mia works as a Barista on the Warner Bros set but dreams of becoming an actress and Sebastian is an Jazz Pianist. I can split the film into three sections as hopefully be able to give a review without giving the plot away. The film starts with Song and Dance track (Another Day of Sun) which then leads into the first part of the film which see’s both Mia story and Sebastian story until they both meet which then leads them to form a friendship as Mia has a boyfriend. The rest of the first part is the forming of their relationship (have to give this part away otherwise the rest of the review will be blank), both feeling like their dreams are progressing as they would like try and do something about it but when Sebastian old class mate Keith (John Legend) asks him to become the keyboardist of his Jazz Band he decides to accept as will have a steady income but is unhappy with the bands sound and Mia confronts him after seeing them in concert and she leaves. This leads to the part I have the criticism of, the next part is where both have gone their separate ways but whilst this is a main part of the story it is out of tone with the rest of the movie, is’s more depressing and without any music this however leads to Sebastian receiving a call from an Casting agency trying to contact Mia, he drives to Mia’s parents where she is staying and gets her to attend the audition, this then leads to the movie becoming more upbeat and with more Music, the Movie could’ve ended two ways and you do see this in a alternative recap of the movie which I thought was really good.

As mention this is a very good movie but I just thought the middle part could’ve been less down but that’s how the story is and who am I to critic a movie that wins record breaking awards? I must mention the Music by Justin Hurwitz is amazing too. Emma and Ryan worked really well together and Emma’s performance is up there as one of the best I’ve seen this year (last 12 months rather than 2017). I think this is the first film that I watched as a reviewer as much as a film-goer.

After watching Manchester By The Sea after this with Cineworld Unlimited Screening, I think they should’ve had LA LA Land after this as this is a feel good movie rather than the more emotional Manchester By The Sea but both are good films, Manchester By The Sea Review will follow in next day or two.

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