Live By Night

The first of 5 films in 5 days of which 3 are Cineworld Unlimited Screenings saw me take in the latest Ben Affleck film Live By Night which is set in the 1920/30’s at the time of Prohibtion starring Ben as Joe Coughlin, Elle Fanning as Loretta Figgis, Brendan Gleeson (he was in Assassin’s Creed I saw last weekend too) as Thomas Coughlin (Joe’s father), Chris Messina as Dion Bartolo, Sienna Miller as Emma Gould and Zoe Saldana as Graciella Suarez.

The story follows Joseph (Joe) Coughlin as a former solider who turns to crime when he arrives back from war and is the son of a Boston Police Captain (Thomas) and becomes part of the payroll of the Irish mob, but after a bank raid goes awry and he suffers a beating for having an affair with the mob bosses girlfriend (Emma) he is sent to prison after which he becomes a member of the Italian mob and moves to Ybor City in Florida to become a bootlegger and Rum Runner, working with the Cuban’s and getting the Local Sheriff Irving Figgs to look the other way, Irving only concern is his daughter Loretta who is heading to Hollywood. Whilst in Florida he starts to becomes a gangster and deals with members of the KKK who threaten his operations, as Prohibition seems to be ending Joe tries to switch to Gambling but now Loretta has been rescued from Drugs and Porn and now is a religion convert and preaches against Gambling and Sin. Due to the issues, the Italian Mob boss comes down along with the now down on luck Irish boss who plans to kill Joe, however Joe has now a sizeable gang and uses the Rum tunnels to ambush the bosses and kills them and can take over their empire.  After the killings, Joe tries to settle down with his wife (Graciella) and his son but Irving who still blames Joe for what happened to Loretta (who kills herself) shoots out Joe’s house and kills Graciella.

This film could’ve been split into a couple of films or a series of hour long TV shows but it’s a pretty decent film and pretty easy to keep up with, though it had the protential to be a whole lot better even though it’s still a pretty good film, Ben suits this types of roles (same as he did as the Accountant) but Ella stood out as Lorretta  and I believe this benefit her career as she’s still only 18 (I’ve just looked and she has already appeared in a lot of films so ignore me!), she may have only had a small part in this movie nut I think was one of the best of this film.

If you like Crime/Gangster films yes this is worth a watch, if not so much then you won’t miss out if don’t see.

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