Manchester By The Sea

The third of the three Cineworld Unlimited Screenings in 4 days saw another Golden Globe nomination and award winner (Casey Affleck), Manchester By The Sea (I can never work out whether the B and T for by the should be lower or upper case in titles).

Starring Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler a reserved janitor in Massachusetts, Michelle Williams as Randi (Lee’s ex-wife), Kyle Chandler as Joe Chandler (Lee’s brother), Lucas Hedges as Patrick Chandler (Lee’s son) and C.J. Wilson as George (Family friend of the Chandlers’). The film goes to and fro in the storyline as Lee reflects on his life after he receives a phone call to his brother Joe has had a Heart Attack and is in Hospital, however Joe dies before Lee can reach the Hospital after speaking to George and doing the paperwork at the hospital he drives to Manchester By The Sea where Patrick is at school so he can break the news of his father’s death, this is when we get more of the life that Lee & Joe had led. When they arrive back at Joe’s house where Lee stay’s whilst sorting out the Funeral arrangements which gets delay due to the cold weather which forces Lee to stay in Manchester by the Sea for longer, at the hearing of the will Lee finds that Joe has named him Patrick’s legal guardian which takes Lee by surprise, this causes Lee to be tormented by his memories of losing his children in a fire and subsequent divorce from his wife Randi.

Patrick tries to carry on his life as before juggling 2 girlfriends and being part of a band and tries to set Lee up with one of his girlfriends (Sandy) Mum so he can have sex with Sandy but when Jill (Sandy’s Mum) tries to talk to Lee he doesn’t respond and make small talk this upsets Patrick and think Lee is just trying to get Patrick to want to leave Manchester By The Sea, Lee then runs into Randi and she apologises for the way she treated him and tries to reconnect with him but he says there’s nothing there point to him heart and walks away leaving Randi sobbing. Later Lee tells Patrick he has a new job in Boston and that George and his wife is going to Adopt Patrick so he can stay in Manchester By The Sea, Lee also tells Patrick that he is trying to find a place with an extra room so Patrick can stay with him when he visits.

This is an emotional film but very well done, last night I probably would’ve given less of a glowing review but thinking about the film it’s better than originally thought, it’s normally a good film when you’re dying for a pee at the end as you don’t want to miss a thing especially as was 2 hours 15 minutes long (or thereabouts).

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