Another Unlimited Screening and Oscar Nominated Movie. This was a last minute decision to go and see as hadn’t been taken by the trailer but am I glad I did. Based on the play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” which I expect where the film name comes from too it, the play itself was based on the writer’s (Tarrell Alvin McCraney) own life and the film also drew experience from the screenplay writer (Barry Jenkins) to enhance it. It follows the life of Chiron and is split in to 3 parts titled i) Little, ii) Chiron and iii) Black each part represents a different part of his life

In part i) Chiron (Alex Hibbert) is a shy withdrawn kid who after being found by Juan (Mahershala Ali) hiding from a group of bullies and takes him back to the house Juan shares with his girlfriend Teresa (Janelle Monáe) who becomes like a second mother to Chiron. Chiron mother Paula (Naomi Harris) emotionally abuses him whilst being high on drugs, Chiron only other friend is Kevin (Jaden Piner). Chiron is constantly unattack from bullies but finds comfort with Juan & Teresa. In part ii) Chiron (Ashton Sanders) is still being bullied is now having his mother take the money that Teresa gives him even though Juan is now deceased but he still stays at her house often. He is still friends with Kevin (Jharrel Jerome) and one night after smoking a joint Kevin gives Chiron a handjob, next morning Terrel (the main bully) makes Kevin hit Chiron as part of a hazing, when Chiron is on the floor Terrel and the bullies start kicking Chiron until a security guard comes out, later Chiron attacks Terrel with a chair and is taken away by the Police. In part iii) Chiron (Trevante Rhodes) is now an adult and a drug dealer going by the name Black. He visits his mother who is now in a drug treatment facility and gets a call from Kevin (André Holland) who is now living in Miami, he visits Miami and reunites with his friend.

This is a moving but very good film that touches on subjects that could be classed as risky in films but reading about the cast of the film it seems they’ve been touched by the subjects in their own lives which I think added something extra to the acting as they could draw from personal experiences. All 3 Chiron’s and Kevin’s were played brilliantly as were the parts played by Ali, Harris and Monáe and deserves to be in the nomination list for many awards. It’s also a powerful film and think Barry Jenkins directed it beautifully. It’s another must watch and I expect a lot of the Cineworld Unlimited Members would agree. It’s not mainstream it touches on Homophobic Bullying and Drugs but that’s still part of “normal” life which I think makes it better. This would win best director in my opinion if it wasn’t for Hacksaw Ridge


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