My Favourite Movies

I’ve been asked a few times what the best film I’ve seen or my favourite movie, now that’s a hard question; as a Star Wars I can easily put the 8 Star Wars films in my top ten but I thought I’ll make it harder by doing a top ten without and of them and then put the Star Wars films in my favourite order. Let’s start with my top ten (wonder how many times that will change!)

  1. The Day After Tomorrow – Always watch this when on, love that it focus on climate change with our current state of the world, I also like that why unlikely this is entirely possible.
  2. Room – Emotional, outstanding acting and Brie fully deserved her Oscar, based on a true story, loved it.
  3. The Breakfast Club – The Brat Pack, I love the mixture of characters and who couldn’t love the soundtrack by The Simple Minds.
  4. The Commitments – Outstanding songs and a decent story one I often rewatch. Andrea Corr appeared in this but didn’t do any singing.
  5. Hacksaw Ridge – My Oscar tip for this year, great school and the effects and acting were outstanding.
  6. Die Hard – Could’ve put any of them or even Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon but had to go back to the original, Bruce Willis at his best.
  7. ET – Who couldn’t love this, the first we saw of Drew Barrymore and all ET wanted to do was phone home.
  8. St Elmo’s Fire – Another Brat Pack film, I loved the different difficulties the group had as growing up again another classic theme song.
  9. Alice in Wonderland (2010) – I didn’t even need to look the year up for the remake by Tim Burton, Mia was the perfect Alice for me and this takes you back to your childhood and a film I often watch when need to chill.
  10. Nocturnal Animals – Another new film that’s just come out, I was totally engrossed in the movie and the ending confounded me however it was fitting, it’s another Amy Adams film that has a twist at the end.

It’s very easy to extend this list and will probably change often (like my music). I could’ve easily have had Moana, Wall-E, Now You See Me on this list plus many others.

To add I always watch it’s a Wonderful Life, Polar Express and the Santa Clause movies every Christmas.

Star Wars film in my favourite order –

  1. Rogue One
  2. Star Wars
  3. Revenge of the Sith
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. A Fore Awakens
  6. The Empire Strikes Back
  7. Attack of the Clones
  8. The Phantom Menace

All these would feature in my top 20 as have grown up with them.

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