Split was recommended to me by another Cineworld Unlimited member and the reviews I’ve seen rave about James McAvoy. It also stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Betty Buckley and follows McAvoy character who has 23 different personalities.

Kevin Wendall Crumb (McAvoy) suffers from Dissociative Indentity Disorder (DID) and has 23 personalities, one of his personalities “Dennis” kidnaps three girls whilst they waited in a car and are held captive, the prominent personality “Barry” emails his psychiatrist Dr Fletcher (Buckley), Dr Fletcher believes in cases like Kevin can also cause physiological changes. During the years Dr Fletcher has treated Kevin and appears to be stable the personalities still in chairs in a room waiting for their turn in the light which us controlled by Barry, but 2 of his personalities are denied the light as are dangerous but due to an earlier incident they have managed to steal the light and kidnapped the girls, friends Claire (Healey Lu Richardson) and Marcia (Jessica Suva) plus outsider Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy). At first Claire & Marcia try to attack “Dennis” but after that fails Claire tries to escape but is caught and then separated, later Marcia tries to do the same and is out in a separate closet to Claire, during this time we see flash backs to Casey earlier childhood and Kevin visits to Dr Fletcher who begins to suspect it’s not Barry she’s talking with and after one visit Dr Fletcher decides to pay Kevin a visit and whilst pretending to need the bathroom stumbles upon Claire, before she can do anything she is drugged by “Dennis” who then goes to the train station and on to a train where he becomes his 24th personality and that of “The Beast”, he returns back with superhuman strength and attacks Dr Fletcher who manages to write on a piece of paper something that may stop The Beast. Casey having managed to escapes finds Dr Fletcher body and the piece of paper before finding Marcia body, she finds Claire alive before she’s dragged off by “The Beast”, “The Beast” corners Casey in a room but she calls him by his rename (what was written on the paper) and Kevin personality appears and tells Casey to shoot him and where his Gun and Ammunition is before “Dennis” takes over and “The Beast” reappears, Casey runs off grabbing the Gun and then the Ammunition, as she is corned she shoots him several times as she’s attacked and she locks herself in a cage, with her top ripped showing her scars from her child abuse, “The Beast” proclaims she is pure and disappears. Casey is later found in the case by a Guard/Keeper at the Zoo they’ve been held at. Casey tells the police all and they find the bodies of the others, it ends with Casey looking like she’s ready to tell the Police about the abuse she suffered from her Uncle and then we see David Dunning (Bruce Willis) in a diner where a couple of men started discussing a old case that was similar referencing to the previous film Unbreakable which this film follows.

This was a very good film, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy but it was well done, whilst James McAvoy does deserve a lot of praise for his performance I thought Anya deserves more for her performance, whilst the film is about McAvoy character I don’t think it would’ve worked without Anya’s role. It has made me want to watch Unbreakable now as not one I’ve seen. To me this is one of the benefits of having an unlimited card as if didn’t I wouldn’t have watched this.

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