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Another Cineworld Unlimited Screening (love them) and a story about McDonalds, dare you not to fancy a Hamburger afterwards. Starting Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc who is a traveling salesman who is selling multi milkshake makers and when he finds that a small Diner has ordered a large amount of makers (6) he first phones them and when they say they want to increase the order he travels to San Bernardino to visit the Diner and meets the brothers Richard (Nick Offerman) and Maurice (John Carroll Lynch) McDonald, at first he was a bit unsure about the Diner which is called McDonalds, but after hearing what the customers say about the Diner and after a tour he is won over on how it’s run. The following day Ray suggests that the brothers franchise the restaurant, at first the brothers refuse but then agree with strict control.

The story then follows Ray franchising the restaurant and the frustration he has with trying to get new things agreed by the brothers and though the franchises are a success he struggles to make any money until he is overheard at the bank trying to increase he loan/mortgage by a financial consultant – Harry Sonnerborn (B J Novak) who after looking over Ray’s books suggest he provides real estate for the franchises. With the increase revenue from the real estate part of the business Ray starts defying the brothers and after Maurice is taken ill he visits them in hospital and gives them a blank cheque and buys them out.

I found this a very interesting film and felt sorry for the McDonald brothers but they did shot themselves in the foot too but denying Rays’ requests. If you like true stories/biographical films this is a good watch, Laura Dern who play’s Rays’ wife played a very good supporting role to Keaton’s Ray. The actress that played Joan (who later married Ray) had me puzzled during the film after she appeared on screen as couldn’t place her but the Actress was Linda Cardellini who I remember as Sam Taggart in ER.

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