XYZ Blah!

Writing this blog without a title as have no idea how to title it. Over the past 15 months since I became a Cineworld Unlimited Card member I’ve being seeing more and more films I wouldn’t generally watch such as Room, Joy, Sisters, Friends Request and more recently Fences & Moonlight and this has opened me open to reading about Movie awards more and this year having noticed I had seen most of the nominated best picture awards I decided to see if I can complete the set. At the time of writing I only have Hell or High Water to watch after watching Lion this evening.  

I feel the Movies that have come out this year (in U.K.) have mostly been top quality and Cineworld have spoilt us Unlimited Card holders with five or six of the Unlimited Screenings including 4 (I think might be possible that all have been) of the Best Picture Nominees. Having the card has opened my eyes to more movies and changed how I see movies. It’s also an advantage for films like Girl On The Train, Arrival, Nocturnal Animals (how was this not Nominated for best picture?) where it’s probably better the second time around. 

Back to reason I started writing this one and just before I write the review for Lion as just watched it. I’m so glad I decided to try and watch all the Nominated films otherwise I would have missed this out and that would’ve been a mistake, more in next blog. I still have no idea what to call this blog so think might be called XYZ blah since my original blog Where started these reviews is called ViewFromRowXYZ. 

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