Weekend Movies (UK)

Maybe this will become regular but I thought I do a post of what Movies are on at the Weekend, this will be mostly for Cineworld Cinemas and may vary between town/cities but at least gives an idea.

For the Kids Cineworld also do Movies for Juniors which my Sister does with her kids as is a much more relaxed atmosphere and allows Kids and parents to watch without worrying too much about ruin the film for others. The Movie for Juniors this weekend are –

Ballerina – An animated story about a poor orphan girl that dreams of becoming a ballerina and gets a chance to audition for well known Paris Ballet School. – 89 Mins

Storks – An animated film around the birds that after seeing their baby delivering business plummet due to a failed delivery they become like an Amazon where deliver everything until one day they get a letter asking for a baby. I have seen this and it’s very enjoyable. – 90 Mins

Trolls – Animation about the trolls, this is a song feast and will get the kids dancing around, another one I’ve seen and enjoyed but be warned you will have songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day. – 94 Mins

General Films

Fifty Shades Darker (18) – The next instalment in the Fifty Shade Series – 118 Mins

Hidden Figures (PG) – Based on true events about 3 black women rise in NASA – Highly Recommended – 127 Mins

John Wick – Chapter 2 (15) – The follow on to the first one (which I’ve yet to see). – 122 Mins

La La Land (12A) – The tip for the Oscars, singing, Dancing, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling need I say more. – 128 Mins

Lion (PG)– My top recommendation to see – based on a true story a young Indian boy fall asleep on a train after getting on looking for his brother and ends up thousand of miles away and then ends up being fostered by an Australian couple. – 118 Mins

Moana (PG) – Animation full of songs (seems to be the popular thing), Dwayne Johnson singing! Very good film and better than Frozen! – 113 Mins

Sing (U) – As above full of songs and an animation, this has over 60 songs (or samples) in this film about a theatre owner that whilst trying to host a singing competition ruins his theatre but the singers rally round. Another one you’re be dancing too. – 108 Mins

T2 Trainspotting (18) – The follow up to Trainspotting (another I’ve not seen) and a must for all Trainspotting (the film) fans. – 117 Mins

The Founder (12A) – Another based on true story, about Ray Kroc who made McDonalds what it is now. – 115 Mins

The Great Wall (12A) – Starring Matt Damon who plays an European Mercenary in China during the Song Dynasty who meets with elite soldiers to defend the Great Wall from Monsters. – 103 Mins

The Lego Batman Movie (U) – The film I’m going to see this weekend, it’s a follow up to the first Lego Movie (supposedly) and one that combines my nephews favourite things (or did before he started to get more into Star Wars). – 104 Mins

If you go to the Movies this weekend enjoy.

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