Hell or High Water

The last of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees that I needed to watch to complete these. Starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Gil Birmingham and Ben Foster it follows two brothers who carry out a series of Bank Robberies on the Texas Midlands Bank to save their family ranch.

Toby Howard (Chris Pine) and his ex-con brother Tanner (Ben Foster)  have started robbing branches of the Texas Midlands Bank which leads to two Texas Rangers – Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) to take on the case as the robberies are small amounts. Whilst Toby is at a nearby Diner Tanner robs another bank that wasn’t part of their plan and they have to change their plan a bit, they go to an Indian Casino where they change the stolen money into Chips where Tanner gambles a but whilst Toby sits at the bar then they exchange the Chips for Clean Money (cash and a Cheque to the Texas Midlands Bank), with the clear funds they head back to Texas and to an attorney where it’s discovered that the money they’re getting from the robberies is being used to pay the debt to the Texas Midlands Bank for the Reverse Mortage that was provided to their Mother who recently passed away, Toby is determined to pay this off for his Sons as they recently discovered Oil on the land.

Hamilton believes the last robbery was not planned and believes the brothers are going to rob another Texas Midlands Bank branch and stalks it out with Parker, whilst stalking the branch the brothers whilst on their way to this branch change their plan and decided to hit a bigger branch and divert to the new town, Hamilton whilst at the other branch believe now they’re going to skip this branch and attack another branch and they set off for this. The brothers arrive at the branch which is bigger then any of the other branches and when they rob this a customer sends a text saying the bank is being robbed, a guard and another customer pull out their guns and shoot at the brothers who return fire killing a couple of them, they flee to their truck but are ambushed but manage to escape but are chased by the locals, Toby is wounded but as they’re chased Tanner having managed to get some distance between them gets out a Semi Automatic Gun and fires at the locals forcing them to retreat this gives them time for the brothers to get to their other car which Toby gets in and drives away whilst Tanner draws the chasing locals and police including Hamilton. Tanner hides in a rocky outcrop shooting Parker, this enrages Hamilton who with a locals help circles round and shoots Tanner. Toby meanwhile goes to another Casino where again he swaps the stolen money for Chips and then gets a clean Cashier Check for the bank and takes this to the bank which clears the debt, he then puts the Ranch in a trust at the bank for his sons.

Later Hamilton who has now retired visits the Rangers office who has cleared Toby as a suspect as he has no record and no motive as the oil wells earn more a month then the total amount stole from the bank. Hamilton then visits the Ranch and speaks to Toby though implied doesn’t confess and implies that he did it for his sons, as Hamilton leaves Toby suggests they meet again to finish the conversation which is where the movie ends.

Whilst this is a good movie and feels like a modern Western it does remind me a bit of Thelma and Louise though is a different storyline. I believe the story has been done before though maybe just in a book as pretty sure I’ve seen/read about this poetic justice before where someone robs from a bank that’s done wrong by him before. Whilst it is a good Movie I’m not sure it is in the same league as the other Oscar Nominated Films. Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges performed excellently as always whilst supported well by Gil Birmingham and Ben Foster but these 2 were more supporting casts. You won’t be disappointed in watching this especially as is now out on Home Media.

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