The Lego Batman Movie

A spin off to the Lego Movie focusing on Batman though it contains probably all of DC Super Heroes characters and a load of characters from other films (more about these later). Whilst foiling another of the Joker’s plans to destroy Gotham City, Batman hurts his feelings by saying the Joker is not important in his life which leads the Joker to vow revenge. The following day as Bruce Wayne, Batman attends the a gala to celebrate the retirement of Commisioner Gordon and his replacement, his daughter Barbara. Barbara infuriates Batman by saying she wants the Police to function without Batman, then the Joker gatecrashes the party with Gotham’s other Super Villians but surprises them by surrendering to the police, thinking the Joker is up to something Batman starts plotting to steal Superman’s Phanton Zone Projector, during the plotting Alfred advises him to take charge of Dick who he unwittingly agreed to adopt at the Gala, Batman eventually agrees and Dick takes on the alternative ego of Robin. The pair manager to steal the Projector from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude whilst he is hosting a Justice League Party where all the Justice League characters are including The Flash. Batman then breaks into the Arkham Asylum and uses the projector on the Joker, Barbara suspected that this is what the Joker wanted locks Batman and Robin up and the projector is seized as evidence, while the projector is being seized Harley Quinn steals the projector and sets it to release all the prisoners from the Phantom Zone and releases them all including many villains from other TV and Films such as Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter), The Daleks (Dr Who), King Kong and The Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz). The villains then start wrecking havoc on the city, Barbara realising that Gotham City still needs Batman she releases him and teams up with him as “Batgirl” along with Alfred to stop the Joker, Batman soon finds him trusting them and when they reach Wayne Island he ditches them out of fear of losing any of them like he lost his parents. The Joker zaps Batman to the Phantom Zone, Batman manages to persuades the Phantom gatekeeper Phyllis to send him back so he can catch the villains and return them, Phyllis shows Batman that though he may not be a “Bad” guy he’s not exactly a “Good” guy. Batman returns to Gotham and apologises to the trio and with the help of Gotham normal villains manage to send the  Super Villains back to the Phantom Zone but the bombs that the Joker planted go off over causing Gotham to start to split apart. Batman then manages to get the Joker and the Villains that remain to chain themselves together and join the 2 sides together to save Gotham City, the Joker agrees as Batman convinces him that he is the reason why he is a hero. Batman then tries to return to the Phantom Zone but is now rejected as he has redeemed himself. The Joker is allowed to escape as he’ll be no match for Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Alfred.

This is a nice enjoyable film and I liked the feature of first the other DC Superheros and second the other Major Villains from other films such as the Daleks, there are some fun/silly parts in the movie but the audience it’s aimed for this is just right, anyone looking for a film to take the kids too over half-term (it is for some parts of UK) then this will fit the bill. It’s the just the right amount of fun, action and silliness to make it a good film.

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