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Started writing this post and thought I might have done one before on my other blog so just went through my posts and yes I did and very weirdly it was last February too (maybe as normally have this week off) – link to this post is here

But let’s start from scratch. I’ve now been a Cineworld Unlimited Member for 16 months which gives me Unlimited Cinema trips for £17.40 a month, during the first year I had to pay £1.60 extra for 3D films but now as in 2nd year I don’t, also now I get 25% off snacks at the Cinema whilst in 1st Year it’s 10%. When I first wrote the post above I had been to the Cinema 20 times in those first 4 months and in the end I saw 82 Movies in the first year which would’ve cost me over £850 if didn’t have the unlimited car which worked out to be about £212 (When I took it out it was £16.90 a month I think) so a whooping saving of over £600, bargain I think. Unlimited Members also get early previews called Unlimited Screenings where members get a chance to see films up to 2 to 3 weeks before general release, these aren’t just any old release as all bar 1 of the Oscar Best Picture Nominees where shown as an unlimited screening. I’ve already seen 24 films in my 2nd year with 14 of them in 2017. Whilst have the unlimited card has allowed me to see the films I want to see on the big screen without having it to come out on Home Media it has also allowed me to watch Genre of films I wouldn’t have normally watched which in turn has meant I have watched all the Nominated films for the Oscars.

I have noticed I watch films differently now too, whilst I used to find some films boring I look for differences and good things in these films so I don’t get bored an example is actually an Oscar Nominated film Zootopia (Zootropolis for U.K. Release) as honestly I didn’t like this when released but I watched it again not long ago and found myself watching it differently and now think it deserved an nomination (though think Kubo & Moana are better and one of them will win).

My local Cineworld (Whiteley) is 16 months old (I took out membership as it opened) and is very comfortable but did find it odd it didn’t fit an imax screen so have to travel to Chichester to see films in imax (this does cost extra though), I have also been in the box seats (again cost extra) at Chichester too but compared to Whiteley standard seats I don’t think where worth the extra you paid. I’ve also visited Feltham’s when visited sister and take my Niece and Nephew to the cinema but as this is older it’s not as comfortable. The only complaint I have with any of them is the service when getting snacks as can take you 10/15 minutes to get them.

Personally if you like movies and live within easy to get to distance of a Cineworld this is a no brainer. I was hoping to put the Cineworld logo in this page but they rejected my request. They’re currently do an offer where members can refer a friend and both get a month free.

I’m even trying to fit in a movie just to review it; as again not one I would normal watch (The Great Wall) but already plan to see Patriots Day and A Cure for Wellness this weekend – both I’ve wanted to see since the trailers.

Next up I plan to put together a list of films I want to see this year.

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