A Cure For Wellness

Release Date:- 24th February 2017 (UK)
Date Reviewed:- 24th February 2017
Directed By:- Gore Verbinski

Dane DeHaan as Lockhart, Jason Isaacs as Dr Heinreich Volmer, Mia Goth as Hannah, Adrian Schiller as Deputy Director, Celia Imrie as Victoria Watkins.
Lockhart is an ambitious executive at a New York financial services firm and is asked to fetch the company’s CEO – Richard Pembroke from a Wellness Centre that’s in the Swiss Alps so he can sign off on a merger and take responsibility of several dodgy business deals. Lockhart travels to the Centre and asks to see Pembroke but is told visiting hours are over and he requests to speak to the Manager who agrees he can see him later, as the car drives him back out of the centre Lockhart spots a young woman seemly walking along the walls of the centre that looks like a castle, a it further along a deer runs out on to the road and is highly by the car causing the car to roll and results in Lockhart breaking his leg. Lockhart wakes to find himself in the centre and has been asleep for 3 days, the Centre’s director Dr Volmer suggests Lockhart tries some of the treatments whilst his leg heals.
Before Lockhart starts his treatments he starts talking to a patient (Victoria Watkins) about the centre, she discloses some of the history and Lockhart adds some more with the stories he was told on hus journey to the centre, he also meets the young woman (Hannah) who he saw on the walls and learns the reasons why she is at the centre and waiting to be collected by her father when she’s better (though this turns out not to be true). When Lockhart starts his treatment he suffers nightmare visions that he was warned he might get during the treatments and nearly drowns. Lockhart continues to try and speak to Pembroke but is constantly frustrated and presudes Hannah to take him down to the village to translate Pembroke’s file; at the Village they head to a bar where Lockhart buys Hannah and himself a beer and then finds a veterinary that is able to translate some of the file for him, Hannah meanwhile is at the bar on her own and is fascinated by the jukebox; a local gives her the money to select a record,  she then starts dancing and is joined by the local, Lockhart now returns and during a phone call to his office finds out they weren’t told about his accident and when one of the locals grab Hannah he steps in but is knocked down and Dr Volmer arrives before anything else happens. They return to the centre but Lockhart carries on investigating the centre and with Watkins finds out more about the history (this is big part of the story but will leave it out here so you can watch and find out, I did get lost with this part of the story).
Lockhart with his mind being warped by the treatments starts writing a letter to his employer but has a moment of clarity realises his leg was never broken, he rips off the cast and  goes to search the secret cellar he has noticed that something looking like bodies are being taken down, down the cellar he sees a load of experiments that have been set up and at the bottom of the steps is an underground lagoon, here he notices the body of Victoria Watkins, he then hears the caretaker and hides as he dumps a body in the lagoon and sees it being devoured by Eels, the caretaker notices him and attacks him but Lockhart strikes him on the head and kills him. At the same time Hannah goes into one of the Wellness pools and starts having her first period and is surrounded by Eels that that been attracted to her menstrual blood, they eventually retreat allowing Hannah to leave the pool. Lockhart and Hannah arrive at the dinning Hall at the same time and whilst Dr Volmer can see Hannah has had her first period Lockhart tries to tell the patients there is nothing wrong with them and the cure is making them ill, the patients attack Lockhart and he is then forced to undergo more treatment.
Dr Volmer meanwhile celebrates Hannah move to womanhood and at the party leads her to a secret room and tries her to a bed ready to rape her, meanwhile Lockhart using Watkins notes realises that Hannah is Dr Volmer daughter and goes and searches for her, he arrives in time to stop Hannah from being raped, Volmer then reveals his true face and that of the Baron. Lockhart sets the Baron on fire which ignites the castle, Volmer attacks Lockhart after putting the flames on his body out and is about to push him in the Lagoon to the Eels when Hannah kills him with a shovel and he falls into the Lagoon. Lockhart and Hannah escape as the castle burns and cycle towards the village, as they go round a bend they crash into a car carrying Lockhart bosses who gave arrived to collect him and Pembroke (who has died) and Lockhart is told to get into the car, Lockhart refuses and gets back on the bike and cycles off with Hannah smiling.
This is a film I need to rewatch as a lot of the film puzzled me, there is kind off two stories going on, one about the Castle/Centre and the Baron and another about Lockhart and the treatments, I didn’t think either lived up to what could’ve been achieved. The film was nearly 2 and a half hours long but it didn’t drag and it didn’t feel that long. The story(stories) constantly flow and Dane and Mia really played their roles well. I struggled in parts to get what the film was trying to get across hence why I need to rewatch.
6/10 A decent film but could’ve been a lot better.

Footnote: Decided to try a new format and took me longer to get the fonts working then did to write post. I think this also my first 1000 word post too. Let me know thoughts on layout. 

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