Patriots Day

Release Date:- 23rd February (UK)

Date Reviewed:- 26th February 

Directed By:- Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg as Sergeant Tommy Saunders, John Goodman as Commissioner Ed Davies, J K Simmons as Sergeant Jeff Pugliese, Vincent Curatola as Mayor Thomas Menino, Kevin Bacon as Richard DesLauriers, Alex Wolff as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Themo Melikidze as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Michael Beach as Governor Deval Patrick plus many more.
The story behind the investigation of the Boston Bombing with some of the build up to the Bombings. It focuses on a young couple (Patrick Downes & Jessica Kesky) who are seriously injured and taken to different hospitals, a young father (Stephen Woolfenden) who is injured and separated from his 3 year old son Leo as well as Boston Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders who was patrolling the finishing line when the bombs went off and his part in the investigations and the FBI team behind the investigation and the Boston Police Commissioner. It also shows the help given by the Watertown police department during the final stages of the hunt including the shootout between the bombers and the Watertown Police department. It also followers the bombers before they plant the bombs and afterwards when they try to escape including the killing of MIT Policer Officer Sean Collier and the carjacking and kidnapping of Dun Meng. The kidnapping/carjacking proved to part of the downfall of the brothers as Dun Mengs’ car had a tracking device. After the death of Tamerlan (shot by police and ran over by Dzhokhar) Dzhokhar goes into hiding and escapes before his capture 17 hours later. Meanwhile Tamerlan wife Katherine (Melissa Benoist) is arrested and questioned but refuses to give up any information.
After the arrest of Dzhokhar and speech by David Ortiz at a Boston Red Sox game the film then has interviews with the real people behind the story and pays tribute to the 4 that died at the hands of the bombers 3 in the blast and Officer Collier who was shot by the brothers. 
Saying I enjoyed this film would be wrong due to story behind the film and the circumstances of it but this is a very good film and as based on true events deeply engrossing. I liked that it didn’t just focus on the FBI or the Boston Police and included members of the public that suffered dye to the bombing.
8/10 – A fitting tribute to those that experienced life changing effects from the Bombings.

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