The Golden Raspberries

Further to my post regarding the Razzies (or full title The Golden Raspberries) I thought I’ll find out more about these awards and write about them. I knew that they’re handed out around the same time as the Oscars for the Worst Movies/Actors etc. of the year.

The awards started in 1981 by John J B Wilson and Mo Murphy and was held in Wilson’s living room in LA and consistented of 7 awards (see below). The awards are called Raspberry in reference to blowing a raspberry at the industry, the awards are a raspberry on a film reel and painted gold.

Currently the following Awards are awarded. The top 7 are the original awards.

Worst Actor: 1980 to present
Worst Actress: 1980 to present

Worst Supporting Actor: 1980 to present

Worst Screenplay: 1980 to present

Worst Director: 1980 to present

Worst Picture: 1980 to present

Worst Supporting Actress: 1980 to present

Worst Screen Combo: 1994 to present

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel: 1994 to present, except 1996 and 1999

The Razzie Redeemer Award: 2014 to present – Becoming a respected artist after having been nominated for a Razzie

The winners of this year are listed in the Razzies post. Most winners don’t collect their awards but the following have collected their rewards in person – Bill Crosby (1988) won 3 awards and called out the organisation to present him with an award, he was awarded an award on Fox’s Late Show. Tom Selleck & Jack Feldman requested their awards in 1993. Paul Verhoeven was the first to go to the ceremony to collect his award in 1996. Brian Helgeland in 1998 who also won an Oscar the same weekend. J David Shapiro in 2001, Tom Green in 2002, Tom attended the ceremony and took home 5 awards. Ben Affleck in 2004, Ben was presented his award on Larry King Live and proceeded to dismantle the award, the award was then auctioned on eBay and fetched nearly $1000 which went to paying to hire the Ivar Theatre for the 2005 awards. Halle Berry also accepted her award at the ceremony and also won an Oscar the same weekend. Sandra Bullock in 2010 also collect in person at the ceremony and collected an Oscar the following night, J David Shapiro collected his second award also in 2010 and David Eigenberg in 2011 after winning the award contacted Wilson and informed him he had never won an award before.

Most winners (losers) seem to take the awards with a pinch of salt though they’re criticised as you can become a member of the board of voters for $40 and you don’t need to have watched the films to vote.

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