The Oscars

Still to catch up with all the Oscar. Eww but it won’t be one that’s forgotten after the winner for the wrong award was read out for the award of the night – Best Picture 😱. Won’t do a big post but will just list winners a quick comment (can’t seem to find my previous blog with who I thought would win 🤔)

Let’s start with biggest and now most talked about.

Best PictureMoonlight – I had this as 2nd after Hacksaw Ridge, I thought was very good film that touched on a couple of tough subjects that aren’t often touched on in mainstream cinema.

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Casey Afflect (Manchester By The Sea) – Can’t argue with this though I had predicted Andrew Garfield to win

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) – Now I get confused by the term Supporting Role, Mahershala has performed well in both the Oscar Nominated films he appeared in but in Moonlight he was only in it for first half an hour or so. I had gone for Lucas Hedges as I thought he outperformed Casey in Manchester By The Sea.

Best Actress in a Leading Role Emma Stone (La La Land) – The card that was read in error for Best Picture! Can’t disagree as who I had predicted would win too, I thought this was the weakness category this year.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Viola Davis (Fences) – This was I thought the hardest to decide on as all would’ve been worthy winners I did go for Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) but could’ve easily had gone for Viola as produced an outstanding performance opposite Denzil Washington.

Animated Feature Film – Zootopia – Now this does surprise me as I didn’t rate this film at all, I thought would’ve been between Moana and Kubo & The Two Strings. Goes to show how much I know lol

Directing – Damien Chazelle (La La Land) – Probably not surprising and deserved, I did go for Mel Gibson but many people told me that it’s unlikely as the Academy probably still not forgiven him.

Film Editing John Gilbert (Hacksaw Ridge) – This was my choice too as thought was the best film too and was superbly put together.

Music (Original Score) – Justin Hurwitz (La La Land) – In my opinion was only going to be one winner and this was it.

Music (Original Song) – City of Stars (La La Land) – My choice ahead of Audition (also from La La Land), I just thought Can’t Stop The Feeling was too mainstream. How Far I’ll Go from Moana would’ve been outside choice.

I can’t disagree really with any off the winners apart from Animated Film but that’s just my thought. The only disappointment I probably had was that Nocturnal Animals wasn’t up for Best Picture. One thing I have noticed and think it’s happened a few times, the films Nominated tend to be released in the last couple of months leading up to the awards, I might need to check for Oscar winnings in films released before the Summer.

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