Release Date:- 1st March 2017 (UK)

Date Reviewed:- 5th March 2017

Directed By:- James Mangold

 Hugh Jackman as James ‘Logan’ Howlett (Wolverine), Patrick Stewart as Charlex Xavier (Professor X), Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Richard E Grant as Zander Rice, Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23) and also stars Elizabeth Rodrigues, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal.


 It’s 2029 and no new mutant has been born in 25 years and are on the brink of extinction, Logan formally know as Wolverine is now being slowly poisoned by the Adamentium that’s fused to his bones and his healing factor has slowed. He lives with Caliban who helps him look after Charles Xavier who is suffering from Neurodegemerative disease which cause him to lose control of his special telepathic abilities with devastating effect. Logan works as a Chauffeur and one day at a funeral he is approached by a women (Elizabeth Rodrigures) who asks for help, he brushes her aside, he is later approached by Donald Pierce looking for the women and requests his help to find her, he refuses, later the women, Nurse Gabriela, hires his Limo and offers him $10,000 to help her and take her and a 11 year old girl (Laura) to North Dakota, he agrees to take them the next morning and he returns back to his “home” in Mexico to tell Caliban he will need to leave for a few days, however when he returns to pick up Gabriela and Laura, he finds Gabriela murdered, presuming that Laura has been taken he returns back to his home. However when he returns back he finds that Laura has stowed away and Charles Xavier recognises her as part of the X-23 Project, Pierce and his enforcers that are from Transigen arrive at Logan’s place and whilst Logan tries to get Professor X to safety they storm the building looking for Laura, Laura then comes out holding one of the enforcers head and Logan notices that she has similar powers to her, they escape and after stopping at a garage they find a video on the phone Logan got from Gabriela’s motel room, it shows that Transigen where breeding mutant children as soldiers but as the children grew they became difficult to control and they didn’t want to kill, upon completion of the X-24 project the children where deemed to be obsolete and destroyed, Gabriela had managed to smuggle several children across the border and was helping Laura escape who is Logan’s clone.

Whilst stopping overnight he finds that the “Eden” location in North Dakota is actually a reference in the X-Men comics that Laura reads and Logan concludes that the place is fictional and doesn’t exists. The Reavers (Transigen enforcers) catch up to them but lucky Professor X has one of his seizures that freezes everyone in the hotel allowing Logan to stop the attackers and inject the professor to stop the seizure and allows them to escape, whilst on the highway they’re run off the highway by a truck which also causes a horsebox to leave the road too, they help get the horsebox back on the road and the owners (The Munsons) invite them back to their farm, after Dinner they notice a nearby pipe has sprung a leak so Logan and Will Munson (Eriq La Salle) go to fix the leak. Whilst Logan has gone a X-24 clone of himself arrives at the farm and fatally wounds Professor X who thinks it is Logan and starts recalling a memory of a Telepathic seizure that killed several civillians and X-Men. The clone also kills the Munson family and carryies Laura out shackled to prevent her from escaping or using her weapons. Caliban is being held captive in the Transigen van sets off 2 grenades to destory the van sacrificing himself in the process, Logan and X-24 start fighting each other when a mortally wounded Will appears and drives his truck into X-24 impaling him on a Combine Harvester, as he picks up a gun to shot Logan he keels off and dies of his wounds. Logan manages to grab Laura and they escape with Professor X’s body. After they bury Xavier, Logan passes out from exhaustion and his wounds and Laura drives him to a medical clinic but refuses treatment for the Adamantium poisoning he has and leaves the clinic, wanting to abandon the trip to Eden but Laura convinces him to complete it. Meanwhile back at the farm Dr Zander Rice gives X-24 a serum to help him recover from his wounds.
Whilst Logan sleeps Laura drives them to Eden which they find is a Safe Haven where the other Transigen children have escaped too, Logan is given a small does of the serum to help him heal, Logan tends to let the children escape across the border but when he sees the children being ambushed by the Reavers he takes an overdoes of the serum and goes to help the children, Dr Rice confirms that Logan kills his father during Logan’s escape from the Weapon X program at Alkali Lake (X-Men Apocalypse), Logan fires a shot and kills Logan but Pierce releases X-24 who engages Logan, the other children manage to kill the other Reavers and Laura joins Logan in fighting X-24, as X-24 is about to kill Logan, Laura shots him with an Adamantium Bullet she has taken from Logan, killing X-24; however Logan is fatally wounded. Laura and the other children bury him and Laura adjust the cross on his grave to become a X to honour Logan and the last of the X-Men before joining the rest of the children to the border.
This a thoroughly enjoyable film to watch and have now watched twice, I think it has the best story of the 3 Wolverine films and I thought Dafne was amazing as Laura and I hope that Marvel continue with her and her character, it was a fitting ending for Logan and Professor X however as per all SuperHero films never say never, though I expect Hugh Jackman won’t appear as Logan in anymore X-Men films I wouldn’t surprised if Logan/Wolverine do appear in future films.
8.5/10 Whilst this is one of the best X-Men films I think it probably not in the top 5 films I’ve seen recently so couldn’t give it any higher than 8.5 I

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