Kong: Skull Island

Release Date:-  9th March 2017 (UK)

Date Reviewed:- 12th March 2017

Directed By:- Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Tom Hiddleston – Captain James Conrad
Samuel L Jackson – Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard
John Goodman – Bill Randa
Brie Larson – Mason Weaver
Jing Tian – San Lin
Toby Kebbell – Jack Chapman
John Ortiz – Victor Nieves
Corey Hawkins – Houston Brooks
John C Reilly – Hank Marlow
Terry Notary – King Kong (Motion Captured)

Storyline:-  (Contains Spoilers)

Based on the King Kong character that we all grew up with the film starts in the skies during the Second World War in 1944 when 2 planes crash (one US and one Japanese) resulting in both pilots engaging in close combat but both ended up fleeing after coming face to face with a giant monster (Kong), fast forward 29 years to 1973. A US Government agent Bill Randa manages to convince a government official to authorise an expedition to an uncharted island “Skull Island”. Randa then recruits a former British Special Forces Captain, James Conrad to guide the expedition to map out the island and also the Sky Devils Helicopter Divison of the US Army led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard with Major Jack Chapman as his right hand man. They are joined by Pacifist photography Mason Weaver and a group of Landsat scientist.

As they approach the island which is protected by a storm system (why is unmapped) they set off in the helicopters as the Sky Devils are confident they can fly through the storm, the storm is rough but soon they reach the other side and see tranquil rocky crop islands rising up the see and then see the main Skull Island, Island and they dropped special explosives developed by the Seismologist to determine whether the ground is hollow or not, as they drop the “bombs” the lead helicopter is brought down by a flying tree!, they then notice a massive gorilla is starting to swat the helicopters causing all of them to crash killing several of the pilots/crew in the process. The soldiers start to try and shoot the Gorilla (Kong) but several more are killed and Kong retreats. The group split up as there only hope is to get to the North end of the island in 3 days when the refuelling team will arrive. The groups then have to battle other oversize creatures like Spiders, Stick Insect Creatures and Lizard type creatures. One of the group that contains Weaver, Packard and the scientists run in to a group of natives and the US pilot that was crashes in 1944, Hank Marlow. The other group bury the dead and start a search mission for their mission Major, Chapman. Marlow takes the group to a village where he explains the natives see Kong as the Island Guardian and a god as he protects them from the Skullcrawlers (The Lizard type creatures) who live underground and killed Kong’s family, Marlow also reveals that the only reason he attacked the Helicopters is to stop the bombs as they would wake up the Skullcrawlers and allow them to come above ground. Meanwhile Chapman see Kong fight and kill a giant squid and flees into the Forest but is killed by a Skullcrawler. Conrad group with Marlow start fixing a boat that Marlow had started building with the down planes and other washed up ships and manage to get it started and start sailing up the river to the supply point. They meet up with the other group and find the resting place of Kong’s family in their path, not knowing that Chapman had been killed Packard insists on going through the ground to find Chapman, they’re then attacked by a Skullcrawler who kills Randa and a couple others before Mason kills it. The groups split up again with Packard now set on killing Kong, as Conrad and Weaver climb a mountain to see where the river is they come face to face with Kong again but Kong recognises Weaver from when she try to help a trapped giant Buffalo and lets her touch him and they get a bond. When Conrad and Weaver rejoin there group they tell them where the boat and river is and for them to set sail at dawn if they’re not back as they need to save Kong, Marlow goes with Conrad and Weaver and arrive as Packard and his group ready to kill Kong after wounding him, however during a stand off the “Big One” Skullcrawler appears, as Packard tries to kill Kong, Kong squashes him and defends the others by attacking the Skullcrawler, but Kong is wounded, the Skullcrawler then starts to attack the remaining group but as they escape to the river, the scientist who returned to the boat start shooting the Skullcrawler, if the gap Weaver climbs a rocky crop and fires the Flare gun to signal their position, Kong has know recovered and starts attacking the Skullcrawler again but the Skullcrawler whips the rocky crop that Weaver is on sending her into the river, Kong manages to reach down and grabs Weaver from the water whilst the Skullcrawler is still attacking him, Kong then manages to kill the Skullcrawler and after putting Weaver down he wanders off allowing Conrad to come and check on Weaver and then the group set sail for the Helicopters that now appear, Kong is seen keeping an eye on them.

This is not the end of the film even though you see Marlow return home after a 29 year absence during the end credits, however there is an after credit scene (like Marvel) where Conrad and Weaver are questioned by Monarch a secret government agency that Randa was a member off and gives a hint of other films that may follow this.

Wanting to see this since I saw the trailer I wasn’t disappointed and really enjoyed the film, you started of think of Kong as Evil but in the end you were on Kong’s side and wanted him to overcome Packard. I loved the moment between Kong and Weaver but just seemed to cliché like King Kong Movies from old, the Movie has become part of the MonsterVerse but I’ve not seen the Godzilla movie that started it but looking at it I think this is probably the new beginning of it and I expect will also start Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson too.
It is strange that you can go a while without seeing a actor (or actress) in a film and then watch them twice in a row, this was first time I’ve seen Brie since Room and will be watching her in Free Fire as my next film this week too.
For Tom Hiddleston and  Samuel L Jackson these are rolls that are made for them they have that leadership quality in there characters that showed in the film, Tom also has the ability to have a softer side that worked well with Brie. This was completely different that the Brie in Room and I liked her in this role and I hope that Tom and Brie do carry on if they make other films in the MonsterVerse.
I liked John C Reilly character Hank Marlow and liked how he played it and couldn’t fault it.
8/10 – If you like Kong, Monster movies you will love this, this is an action movie with some gruesome scenes, I personally say go and watch. It might not live up to the Marvel Movies that it might’ve been trying to base on but still a very watchable film.
This I think is my longest post to date at over 1200 words, why couldn’t I write 1000 word essays at school?

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