Free Fire

Cineworld Unlimited Screening


Release Date:- 31st March (UK) 

Date Reviewed:- 15th March (Cineworld Unlimited Screening)

Directed By:- Ben Wheatley

 Brie Larson as Justine, Sharlto Copley as Vernon, Armie Hammer as Ord, Cillian Murphy as Chris, Jack Reynor as Harry, Michael Smiley as Frank, Sam Riley as Stevo, Noah Taylor as Gordon, Enzo Cilenti as Bernie and Babou Ceesay as Martin.


Slightly different layout to normal as the film isn’t out in the UK for another couple of weeks. This was Cineworld’s 100th Unlimited Screening and contained an extra 3D 15 minute (approx) trailer of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film which by the way looked amazing and certtainly one I will be seeing, the first part of the trailer didn’t really show off the 3D effects but as it carried on it did.
Right on to the Film, the trailer of this film looked good and but boy did the impression it gave me was wrong, I was expecting a gangsta style movie (War Dogs, maybe Reservoir Dogs) but it certainly wasn’t but don’t let that put you off as it was hilarious as much as stupid, reminded me of old slapstick shoot’ems. I do love the Premise of the film I read on the internet “When a gang of criminals meet up in a warehouse in order to purchase arms, a disagreement turns into a full-on shootout between the two parties making the transaction”, whilst yes this is kind off what happens but a full on shootout?? Yes there is a shootout but half the time they’re crawling around and taking the fun out of others, there are some hilarious lines and as everyone gets caught in the shoot out most of the film they’re all crawling around on the floor which makes it even more hilarious. Don’t expect and typical all action thriller as it’s not but again that’s not a bad thing.
All the action takes place in a disused warehouse/factory during a weapon deal between an Irish Gang (IRA) and a group of Arms Dealers, neither gangs are well organised and give the impression of being small part time outfits. Justine (Brie Larson) acts as the go between but also provides the twist at the end.
8.5/10 – Different to what expected but that was good, silly at times but this was perfect for the film, the cast worked.
Honestly I would recommend this as a light hearted action film though contains a look of swearing (well wouldn’t you swear if got shot!). I will definitely be going back to see when it’s released generally.

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