Weekend News/Releases

Forgotten to do this last few weeks but here are this weeks Cinema and Home Media Releases and latest Movie News. 

This weekends Cinema New Movies

Power Rangers – a remake on the 90’s cult to hit. – Going to see Sunday

Life – a horror set on the International space Station – Saw Friday review to follow. 

CHiPs – 2 Patrolman join the California Highways Patrol for different reasons – based on the 70’s/80’s TV series. – Seeing during the week. 

Smurfs The Lost Village – The Next Smurf movie follows Smurfette who searches for her purpose and adventure, Demi Lovato stars as Smurfette

The Lost City of Z – based on a book that’s based on true events to find a lost settlement in the Amazon. 

Home Media releases

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Paterson are the main Releases in the UK this week. 

Other Movie News

This weekend sees the full Justice League trailer launched and on Saturday the Spider-Man Homecoming Poster was tweeted. 

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff out so will need to check other sources in future too as st present it comes from IMDB and Flixster. 

Home Media Movies Opinion

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