Beauty/Beasts Rose

Not sure who reads or who might respond but does any one know the significance of the Rose in Beauty and the Beast, I know its enchanted and Belle loves Roses due to a memory (probably from paintings) from her childhood but wonder why a rose?

Next blogs will hopefully be up tonight – Life and Power Ranger reviews, I will also if get time this weekend do a new release blog too. Back soon. 

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  1. When the Beasts transports Belle to Paris where she was born he found a ornament rose in her old cradle which is why belle loves roses. I’m guessing the enchanted rose was maybe in reference to this connection with belle as the enchantress probably knew that belle and the beast were made for each other.


    • Maybe it’s my critic side but while I agree about the Rose rattle in the crib she would’ve been to young to remember it though I would love to agree for the romance side of that being the reason. It still doesn’t sell me the Rose but yes I can see that the Enchantress knowing Belle and the Beast being made for each other as it’s Disney and a fairy tale but still have trouble regarding the Rose. Though I do what a Rose in the Jar (the word for the container it’s in escapes me) to go with other Movie stuff lol.


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