Life (2017)

Release Date:- 24th March (UK) 

Date Reviewed:- 24th March

Directed By:- Daniel Espinosa

 Jake Gyllenhaal – Dr David Jordan
Rebecca Ferguson – Dr Miranda North
Ryan Reynolds – Rory ‘Roy’ Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada – Sho Murakami
Ariyon Bakare – Hugh Derry
Olga Dihovichnaya – Katerina Golovkina
An Out of Space horror where the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) discover a life form from Mars that grows rapidly and soon becomes deadly and becomes a mission to save mankind.
Plot and Comments
A craft that has been on a mission to Mars to find Life form is intercepted by the ISS after being knocked off course by an asteroid, on the craft is an alien life form that upon inspection by Derry is lying dormant who tries different combinations of gases/temperature to wake the life form up. Finally Derry manages to wake up the life form which is then called Calvin by school children from America after they question the ISS Crew about life in space and the life form. However after an accident that causes a leak in Calvins’ case it goes back to a state of hibernation and Derry then tries different methods of waking Calvin up, however one of those methods (electrocution) whilst having the desire affect causes Calvin to see Derry as a hostile and first crushes his hand causing Derry to pass out, Calvin then breaks out of his cage and devours a rat that is being held in another cage for experiments,whilst Adams gets Derry out of the room but is then trapped in the room with Calvin. After Adams tries to kill Calvin Calvin kills Adams and when the rooms fire extinguishers come on it escapes through one of these and seems on going after the other crew members. Commander Golovkina at the controls manages to send an SOS message before their lose communication due a damage antenna caused by Calvin trying to get back into the ship as is outside. Golovkina being the most qualified Space Walker and Engineer to fix the Antenna goes out to fix the Antenna but Calvin latches on to her and punctures her suit causing the coolant to leak into her helmet which causes her to start drowning but when Dr Jordan tries to rescue her, she stops him opening the door to keep Calvin outside and getting back on the ship. Howeve as they need to fire the thrusters to recover to a safe orbit Calvin manages to get back in to the ship via the engines but as they try to keep themselves in one module whilst starving the rest of the ship to kill Calvin he manages to attach itself to Derry (who is Paraplegic so doesn’t feel it) and the rest of the crew only notice when Derry has a Heart attack. The remaining crew then escape to try and get into another Module. Whilst in the module the Soyuz capsule approaches the ship, Dr North informs Dr Jordan that the capsule is to push them into deep space due to a protocol she had set up, however Murakami thinks it is a rescue mission and goes to help dock the ship but when he opens the dock door he doesn’t find anything waiting the other and Calvin attacks him, North and Jordan try to rescue Murakami but he gets sucked out of the module, they then go back to a central module closing it down to stop Calvin coming in but their life support is running out , however Dr Jordan comes up with a plan of at least saving Dr North and to stop Calvin making it to earth by using the life boats, he would lure Calvin into the one he will take and then manually control the ship into deep space whilst Dr North takes the other one and returns to Earth with the findings. They reach the lifeboats and the first part of the plan works, you’re then left in suspense for a while to see what happens and it could honestly go either way and this is where I will leave this…
Though this was a bit different to what I was expecting I wasn’t disappointed and actually enjoyed the film and recommend it. The cast was good and well thought out and though I hope a lot of the parts about the ISS are as close to being real as possible it does make me question how safe it is and I was thinking what about the lifepods/lifeboats from quite early on but not from Alien form as I’m not sure that was in the requirements when it was but but poisonous gases must have been a thought, however that aside as mentioned I enjoyed this film and liked the cast, Ryan Reynolds may have been slightly out of place in this type of film but I would expect a crew of the ISS be a wide range of characters so don’t see this as an issue.
Rating – 7/10 – I had originally given this a 6 but have upgraded to a 7 as will be one I will watch again, 7 being the lowest for a film I will watch again (I will add a Rating guide on one of my pages later).

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