Power Rangers (2017)

Release Date:-  24th March (UK)

Date Reviewed:- 26th March

Directed By:- Dean Israelite

Dacre Montgomery – Jason/Red Ranger
Naomi Scott – Kimberley/Pink Ranger
RJ Cyler – Billy/Blue Ranger
Becky G – Trini/Yellow Ranger
Ludi Lin – Zack/Black Ranger
Bill Hader – Alpha 5
Bryan Cranston – Zordon
Elizabeth Banks – Rita Repulsa

Saban’s Power Rangers as the film is being billed as, is a throw back to the 90’s and a remake of the Power Rangers. 5 teenagers come together and become Power Rangers and fight evil. 

Saban’s Power Rangers see the return of the famous 5 colours and names – Red/Jason, Yellow/Trini, Blue/Billy, Black/Zack and Pink/Kimberley. The film differs to the previous films/TV series though that just could be my memory as I didn’t really watch them when first came out as was busy unloading the toys from back of lorries and helping repair them. The film starts off in prehistoric times with the original Red Ranger is burying the Power Coins after being overran by a former Ranger Rita who is trying to get the Zeo Crystal that the Rangers are protecting, as the Red Ranger does he gets his assistant Alpha 5 to send a meteoroid to earth that kills the Dinosaurs and sends Rita to the bottom of the ocean.
Many Million years past and we’re in a US town called Angel Grove where Jason is getting into trouble after pulling a high school prank and ends up in detention along with Billy and Kimberley. After detention Billy helps Jason with his Ankle tag and they go to an old Gold mine where Jason sees Kimberley and watches her whilst Billy sets off an explosion which bring Zack and Trini to the scene as well and they find mysterious rocks (Power Ranger Coins) and upon escaping from the security guards that have been alerted to the explosion which they group crash their car, they wake up the next morning with no memory on how they got home and without any injuries. They discuss this at school that day and meet up at the mine again after school and notice that they have strange powers and end up jumping down a cliff into the water below and end up swimming down in to a cavern and entering some sort of base, where they are greeted by Alpha 5, meanwhile whilst this is happening a fishing boat dregs up Rita’s body and upon bring ashore a policeman goes to inspect and is killed by Rita, who also kills the fishman. 
The teenagers are told they’re Power Rangers by Zordon and Alpha 5 starts training them though none of the group are able to morph to Rangers, though during an argument Billy does manage to Morph into the Blue Ranger, he also then works out where the Zeo Crystals are now located. Meanwhile Rita has been on a killing spree and harvesting gold to create her own monster “Goldar”, she attacks Trini one evening and makes her garther the Power Rangers at the docks where she ties them to a boat and forces Billy to reveal the location of the Crystals and though sends Billy to his death, the Rangers get Billy’s body and takes him to Alpha 5 and ask to save him, the rest of the Rangers then mange to Molph which would also free Zordon but he elects to resurrect Billy as there is already a Red Ranger (leader), the Rangers then are shown their bots/crafts by Alpha 5 and go and fight Rita and Goldar in typical Rangers fashion.
I enjoyed this as though I knew who the Rangers were I never watched this that much when was originally shown as mentioned though did meet the Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson. I liked the first part of how their became Rangers more than the actual fight scenes as they appeared rushed compared to the other scenes, they might have been better leaving the film at the point that they finally became Rangers and getting ready to fight and then do the next film with the fight scene at the beginning. During the end credits they show a scene that hints of a new Ranger as they’re told that Tommy will be joining them in detention and a green jacket is seen on an empty chair (Tommy was Green Ranger in original TV/Film). 
Rating – 7/10 – Another decent film that could be better but very watchable, whether I’ll watch again I’m not sure but that’s just because I never got into Power Rangers.

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