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Even though I have 2 blogs in draft (Going In Style and Ghost in the Shell) in progress I been thinking how to vary the Movies by doing blogs like I did for the Railway Children where I watched an old film and reviewed it, I thought I’ll watch a movie randomly whether is on TV, Netflix or a DVD I have and write about it but then thought how do I select one so I’ve now downloaded a couple of apps that make suggestions on what to watch so I’ll give those a go this weekend as the film I did want to watch this weekend isn’t being shown at any of the 5 Cineworld Cinemas that I could class as “Local” the nearest one showing it is nearly 2 hours away. The film is the Sense of an Ending so hopefully will be shown later on after it’s opening. I did think about seeing Table 19 but heard poor reviews for it as had to cancel my booking to watch it a few weeks ago as was ill, so still not sure, I am thinking of seeing Boss Baby though but need to check what else is in this week to plan my trips. It is weird feeling that it’s Friday today as a Bank Holiday and Forest player today so have a free afternoon tomorrow to watch a film though it won’t be at my Local Cineworld as will never find a car park space and it’s one of those out of town places where is no public transport otherwise I would happily get a bus. 

Anyway I would what my Apps suggest. Happy Easter and don’t eat too many Easter Eggs and enjoy any films that you watch. 

Edit – Stand By Me will be my first review selected randomly, not one I’ve see before so by good to see another film in the IMDB top 250 (seems the films are selected from the top 250). 

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