13 Reasons Why

One of the most talked about Netflix Series on the internet and probably one of in my opinion hardest hitting show that talks about several taboo subjects especially regarding teenagers. Based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher where a young female student before killing herself made 13 (sides of) tapes explaining the reasons why she did what she did, each tape is about 1 individual which the student (Hannah Baker) explains that’s persons failing and reason why they’re part of the reason Hannah committed suicide. The tapes are left on the Porch of fellow student Clay Jensen and the show follows him listening to the tapes and tells Hannah’s story. Starring Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen and Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker with Christian Navarro (Tony), Alisha Boe (Jessica), Brandon Flynn (Justin), Justin Prentice (Bryce), Miles Heizer (Alex), Ross Butler (Zach), Devin Druid (Tyler), Michele Selene Ang (Courtney), Steven Silver (Marcus), Aijona Alexus (Sheri), Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) and Derek Luke (Mr Porter) as the tape subjects (bar Tony) with Amy Hargreaves (Lanie Jensen – Clay’s Mum) and Kate Walsh (Olivia Baker – Hannah’s Mum) it’s narrated by Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker. 

When Clay is left the tapes he is eleventh on the list the tapes are to be passed to as per Hannah’s instructions that she left with the tapes that she left with Tony, Tony was a friend of Hannah and a friend of Clay, as mentioned the shows follows Clay listening to them and how they felt about each other, Clay makes a 14th tape whilst he has them and gives Tony a copy to copy it and out with the originals, Clay misses the 12th person out and gives them straight to the last person on the list, whilst Tony gives an USB stick with the files to Hannah’s Mum. 

I got hooked on this and for the first 6 or so episodes binged watch it but as the show became more deeper and more emotional I had to limit how often I watched it due to personal experiences, the show is very powerful and I believe well done and whilst I can see why some countries and schools/colleges feel it shouldn’t be allowed I think it’s important to show and believe the show can show schools/colleges things to look for. Katherine and Dylan I thought were brilliant and as Katherine’s first main role I thought she was outstanding as Hannah and really brought her to life (excuse the pun). The only thing I disliked was the ending as though the Novel seems to end this way (I’ve not read) it seems to be incomplete. 

On a personal level if this helps even 1 person to notice and try and help someone then it’s worth it, I don’t think it glorifies suicide as some schools/colleges say but shows the effect it can have and how it’s often not 1 thing that causes it but multiple things though it’s often 1 thing that tips the scales. I always think of 4 people when suicide is mentioned but I’m thankful that 3 of them are winning their battles and it is a battle that they will continue to fight and I hope they carry on winning but there is always a sadness that it was too much for one which is why the last couple of episodes of 13 Reasons Why made me emotional and struggled to watch and why I hope the show will help others recognise and help others. 

To those that are fighting the battle, I send my strength to help, to those that lost I hope the pain is gone and you’re a star in they sky and to those families I hope you look at the sky and find comfort they’re not in pain and remember them for the joy rather than the sorrow. RW you’re my angel , MS I look for your 🌟 in the night sky always. 

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