A Dog’s Purpose


Based on the novel of the same name it focus on a dog and his reincarnations through several lives and how he found Ethan his original owner, the stories start at puppy and ends with death except the last reincarnation.

Release Date:- 5th May (UK) 29th April (Preview)

Review Date:- 30th April

Directed By: Lasse Hallström


Josh Gad as the voice of the dogs – Bailey, Ellie, Tino and Buddy

Dennis Quaid – Adult Ethan Montgomery 

KJ Apa – Teenage Ethan

Bryce Gheisar – 8 year old Ethan

Juliet Rylance – Elizabeth Montgomery- Ethan’s mother

Peggy Lipton – Adult Hannah

Britt Robertson – Teenage Hannah

John Ortiz – Carlos Ruiz

Kirby Howell-Baptistery – Maya


A moving tale of a several reincarnations of a dog starting briefly as a stray puppy that gets caught by dog catchers and euthanized, he gets reincarnated as a golden retriever who escapes his cage and is found by 2 men who pick him up and put him in their pick up where he is noticed by Ethan after men leave him in the cab on a hot day, Ethan’s mum smashes the window and rescues him and named Bailey. The film goes on how Bailey lives a full life with Ethan during Ethan’s growing up until Bailey has to be put down after becoming ill, Bailey is then reincarnated and you then go through his next 2 lives, first as a German Shepherd then as a Corgi before then reincarnated as a Bernese where he is mistreated before being let loose and using his sense of smell he recognises a smell from the past and this leads him to Ethan and soon manages to get back with Ethan and even manages to reunite him with his school sweetheart Hannah, when playing he performs a trick a young Ethan taught him and when Ethan calls him “Boss Dog” Buddy as he’s now called responds and Ethan realises he is Bailey reincarnated. Any dog lover will love this and I think older kids will too.


This is a truly moving story that left me with a tear in my eye and it was a perfectly fitting ending, Britt and KJ were good as lovesick teenagers that had Bailey as a third in their relationship and when they broke up Hannah was as upset at leaving Bailey as well. You can’t fault the cast including the unseen Josh who provides the voice of the dogs. I will be watching this again. 8/10

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