Tequila Sunrise

As promised a review of Tequila Sunrise, I can’t remember why I said I was going to review this one, it might have been one that popped up in the IMDB list to watch, I know I have watched this several times before and possibly was one of the films that many men my aged watched as a teenager because of a certain Michelle Pfeiffer who plays Jo Ann a restaurant owner who becomes in tangled in the relationship between High School best friends Former Drug Dealer Dale McKussic know as “Mac” (Mel Gibson) and Detective Lieutenant Nick Frescia (Kurt Russell). Mac spends a lot of time in Jo Ann’s restaurant and it’s obviously that he is attracted to her, Nick seeing this becomes acquainted with Jo Ann and asks her out in attempt to find out more of Mac’s dealings with a Mexican drug baron Carlos, Mac trying to move away from his Drug Dealing past hosts a birthday party for his son and asks Jo Ann to carter for him, Nick tells Jo Ann that Mac will ask her to carter for a party but hints it’s for non-legal reasons, Mac finds out and upsets Jo Ann by accusing her of spying on him for Nick and Jo Ann ends her relationship with Nick for his deception.

The DEA and the Mexican Police Commandante Escalante (Raul Julia) believe Carlos is in town and set a trap for Mac and Carlos, meanwhile Mac’s son calls Jo Ann up and gets her to baby sit him and Mac arrives home to find her there and they admit there feelings for each other and a steamy sessions entails in the hot tub. Whilst waiting for Jo’s clothes to dry Mac receives a beep and finds Carlos (who is also Escalante) in the house and they greet each other and when Mac goes downstairs and picks the phone up Jo Ann is called back to the restaurant, when she arrives Nick is there and hands her a gun and warns her not to go to Macs house as Carlos is there, however she goes back and find that Carlos is there along with Mac’s cousing who they find out is the DEA informant and takes him to the docks and kills him before taking Jo Ann to his boat. Mac arrives at Carlos’s boat and holds Carlos at gunpoint to rescue Jo Ann on his speedboat, Jo Ann then tells her she loves him and when they arrive back on shore he proposes to her and as she says yes, Nick arrives and they have a stand off, Mac says he needs to do something but will be back, he meets Carlos at the Rendezvous point, when they arrive Mac rigs his boat to explode and finds out Carlos has double crossed him and a struggle ensures and Carlos gun is discharged into his stomach fatally wounding him, doing the struggle McGuire (DEA Agent) arrives and fires at both of them and ends up setting the boat on fire, Nick arriving at the scene tries to get McGuire to stop shooting but he continues so he then shots him wounding him.

The following day Nick calls Jo Ann to come do to Tower 12 where Mac has been dropped off by a lifeboat and Jo Ann rushes in to the sea to embrace him whilst Nick watches from the distance.

Having watched this again the same day as watching Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 it was weird watching a film 29 years ago but I can watch this often for the ever lovely Michelle Pfeiffer, this film whilst outdated in the way of technology the story still holds up 29 years later.

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