Why Oh Why

… can’t things be simple. On Wednesday last week I had an email from 1 and 1 saying my website will be updated, okay fair enough I’m paying for them to update the WordPress install that is the basis of my site, 3 days and several un-replied emails later my website is still not accessible and I can’t even log into the WordPress Admin page for it so I’m back on to this site and cancelled my hosted plan as was still within it’s 30 days. I have now spent 4 hours looking at other Blog sites and checking other hosts and think the best value is actually to stay on the free WordPress.com hosted site, I might lose my styling (as well as my last few posts) but I know that WordPress aren’t going to kill a site and not allowing you to log in to the admin page. Blogger made my laugh as I used my gmail account to see what this was like and when I loaded it up it said I was using an unsupported browser and should use Chrome, however I was using Chrome 58 and Blogger is run by Google! Also there is no Mobile App for Blogged which I’m sure will stop quite a few people from joining as like me sometimes blogs from their iPhone. Tumblr I found very strict and not very customisable and I can’t change anything on the iPhone app. Wix though looks very nice is not something you can do quickly and spent 20 minutes just trying to set up the header of the page which took me back to WordPress.

Over the next few days this site may adjust again but I think at least for the time being I’m going to stay here. The website URL has still got 7/8 months to go and I will look at that then.

Oh my Glands are swollen again, so talking, swallowing and even turning my head is painful but hopefully seeing A & T (Niece & Nephew) tomorrow will cheer me up.

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