Ballerina & The Secret of my Success

Having a weekend without a Cinema trip saw me watch Ballerina for the first time and an 80’s Classic Secret of My Success.


I was considering watching this as my Christmas animation film as really liked the trailers but didn’t get the chance to in the end but have finally got to watch it and I wasn’t disappointed. If the US market this is going to be called Leap I believe, not sure why the name change. It’s a Canadian/French film but in English and set in Paris in the 1880’s. Félicie (Elle Fanning) is a orphan who dreams of becoming a Ballerina but lacks any training runs away with her friend a wannabe inventor, Victor (Dane DeHann), to Paris, they soon become separated after they arrive, Félicie finds the Paris Opera from a picture but ends up in the apartments of Regine Le Haut and is saved from being kicked out by their cleaner Odette (Carly Rae Jepsen), however Regine’s daughter Camille who is hoping to go to the Paris Opera Ballet and waiting for her invitation, one day Félicie intercepts the invitation and auditions she manages to get through the first couple. Meanwhile Victor has got a job as an office boy at Gustave Eiffel’s workshop and still invents thing and tries to win Félicie over as more than a friend but he has competition when a male dancer, Rudolph, notices her and helps her to improve, with the teaching of the Ballet instructor Mérante (Terrence Scammell) Félicie improves and keeps managing to stay in the classes however she is found out by Regine and Mérante lets Camille in to the school and tells Félicie for her to continue she must win the part in the Nutcracker show that they’re auditioning for. Odette offers to teach Félicie as it turns out she’s a former dancer and Mérante says she was one of the best before a fire ruined her career. Félicie and Camille become the final two and Félicie then oversleeps whilst sleeping rough and though just manages to make the audition is not in the right frame of mind and doesn’t perform so loses and is sent back to the Orphange in Brittany where she come from. Later with the help of the Orphanage caretaker she runs away back to Paris returns to the Opera where she has a dance off with Camilla and shows that she still has the heart and passion that Camilla doesn’t have and Mérante changes his mind and asks Félicie to perform instead of Camilla, however before the show Félicie goes to apologise to Victor but doing so Regina attacks him and and Félicie escapes up the Statue of Liberty that is being built as a gift for American, Regina chases her before Victor comes to her rescue and manages to get her to the Opera in time for her performance.
This is a really good animated movie and anyone with young daughters you must take them to see this, it is aimed at I would Junior school age girls but this shouldn’t stop others from watching and enjoying this.

The Secret of my Success

To me another 1980’s classic, released in 1987 staring Michael J Fox as Brantley Foster who has just graduated University and moves to New York to start a job as a Financier, however upon turning up for his first day he finds that the company has been taken over and he is fired before he starts. After been told he is either Under Qualified or Over Qualified he ends up working in the Mailroom of Pemrose Corporation which is directed by his Uncle, Howard (Richard Jordan), during his rounds he notices a young female executive, Christy Wills (Helen Slater) and then an empty office when the phone rings and he answers it and gives the caller an answer to what they have been waiting for. Brantley then starts to take on the role of Carlton Whitfield who becomes a new executive.
Whilst handling both positions and switching between Suit and Causal wear in the elevator he gets asked by his Mailroom boss to drive Vera Prescott (Howard’s wife and Brantley’s Aunt) home, Vera persuades Brantley to join her for a swim before she seduces him and strips him of his costume before she strips of hers. Whilst in the Pool House, Howard and arrives home and upon seeing him Brantley realises that Vera is his Aunt, he changes back into his clothes and manages to escape.
Meanwhile Howard who is having an affair with Christy gets her to spy on “Whitfield” not knowing he is Brantley, whilst working together Christy starts to develop feelings for him not knowing he is leading a double life at work. Due to a possible takeover of the company by another Coprporation (Davenport Corporation) Howard invites the executives to his Mansion for the weekend to discuss the possible takeover. During the weekend Christy tries to sneak to Brantley/Carlton’s room whilst Howard and Brantley/Carlton go to Christy’s room and then Vera arrives to find them all in the same room with Brantley and Howard in Bed and they finally find out that Brantley is Carlton and Carlton is Brantley, both Brantley and Christy are fired by Howard. However the day before whilst Howard was meeting with the executives Vera was introducing Brantley to major financial players and whilst Brantley is clearing out his room and bumps into Christy (when their feelings surface) he has an idea and with the help of Vera and also Jean (Carlton’s Secretary), Melrose (his friend from the mailroom) and the Financial backing from the Players he meet at the weekend meet they wrestle ownership of the Pemrose Corporation and start a hostile takeover of Davenport Corporation and Vera sacks Howard and promotes Brantley to CEO. The movie ends with Brantley taking Christy to the Opera with Christy wearing a large Diamond ring also Melrose escorts Vera to the same Opera.
I really enjoy this film and try to watch it when it’s on, I don’t mind admitting that Helen Slater was one of my first crushes at the time of the movie and it’s good to revisit it from time to time.

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