Boss Baby


A Dreamworks Animation tells the story through the eyes of a 7 year old boy Timothy Templeton where his baby brother is a secret agent in the war between Babies and Puppies.

Release Date:- 7th April 2017

Review Date:- 17th April 2017

Directed By: Tom McGrath


Voice Overs

Alec Baldwin – Theodore Templeton (AKA The Boss Baby)

Mile Christopher Bakshi – 7 Year Old Tim Templeton

Tobey Maguire – Adult Tim Templeton (Narrator)

Steve Buscemi – Francis E Francis (CEO of Puppy Co)

Jimmy Kimmel – Ted Templeton (Tim’s father)

Lisa Kudrow – Janice Templeton (Tim’s Mother)

Conrad Vernon – Eugene Francis (Francis’s brother)


A story about a baby (Theodore) who gets sent to the Templeton family but 7 year old Tim doesn’t take to him and then one evening overhears Theodore talking and Theodore explains that he is a spy, Tim tries to tells his parents without success and he is grounded until he loves his brother. Theodore then gets Tim to suck on one of his pacifiers and he they’re both transported to Baby Corp HQ where infants have adult minds and try and preserve the love on the baby over the love of a puppy. Theodore was sent to Tim’s parents as they both work for Puppy Corp and are about unveil a new puppy, he also explains that they stays intelligent by drinking a secret formula otherwise he would turn into a normal baby, they then overhear his boss threaten to fire him as he has not given any information which would leave Theodore with the Templeton’s; Tim therefore agrees to help Theodore with finding out the information to stop him from having to stay with the Templetons.

The next day during “Bring You’re Kids to Work Day” the Templeton’s all ascend on Puppy Co and whilst Ted and Janice go to work the kids are left in the Puppy Zone, they then sneak into a secret area thinking that it contains plans for the new “Forever Puppy” but is a trap set by Francis E Francis a former Boss at Baby Corp and now boss at Puppy Corp, who is after revenge with the Forever Puppy and steals Theodore’s secret formula for the puppies. Francis brother poses as a childminder and looks after Tim and Theodore whilst Francis takes Ted and Janice to Las Vegas to launch the new puppy. They manage to sneak away from the babysitter and manage to get onboard a plane full of Elvis impersonators and fly to Las Vegas where they finally manage to overcome Francis and push into a Vat of secret formula. Theodore gets promoted back at Baby Corp and Tim becomes the only child again, however after a while Theodore starts to miss the Templeton’s and Tim and decides to become a normal baby and becomes a regular baby and returns to the Templeton’s as a normal baby.


This movie grew on me as it went on, I found it quick slow at the beginning but it soon picked up the pace and turned out to be a very good movie as you would expect from Dreamworks, you can’t fault the animation and there is plenty of humour in the movie too. Kids will love this movie even older (a 16 year old girl did) and grown up kids will enjoy this. I think this deserves the 8 I will give it and the ending hints at a Boss Baby 2.


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