Going in Style

Starring Michael Caine (Joe), Morgan Freeman (Willie) and Alan Arkin (Albert) Going in Style follows 3 retirees who after Joe is caught up in a bank robbery plan to rob a bank after their pensions are cancelled and Joe receives a Notice to Evict order from his house he shares with his Daughter – Rachel (Maria Dizzia) and Grand-Daughter – Brooklyn (Joey King).

Inspired by the robbery he witnessed Joe starts to plan and organise the heist, Willie who needs a Kidney transplant and only has a long distance relationship with his daughter & grand-daughter at first is appalled but soon starts to warm to the idea however Albert is completely against the idea, however after hearing that the bank is involved with the three of them losing their much needed pensions he agrees and they have a trial run by trying to shoplift the grocery store where the now love interest of Albert, Annie (Ann-Margret) works with comical results. They turn to Joe’s former son-in-law for help and he gets them in touch with a pet shop owner and criminal Jesus. Jesus teaches them the ropes and they spend several days planning and doing test getaways, casing the banks and getting alibi’s sorted. The next day they having volunteered for the Lodge’s carnival which acts as there alibi they sneak out and disguised as the Rat Pack they rob a bank with blank rounds in their guns to avoid hurting anyone. During the robbery Willie collapses briefly and a young girl pulls back his mask a bit and notices the watch he is wearing, however after a small shootout which a bank worked misses all 3 of them, they get away with over $2 million. They are soon arrested by the FBI after the grocery store manager notices the walk of one of the robbers match the walk of Al but all three stick to the story and their Alibi’s, Agent Hamer (Matt Dillon) then puts them in a line up with other senior citizens at the hospital where Willie is under care with renal failure; however the young girl refuses to identify Willie as she see’s Willie’s grand-daughter at the hospital and when she leaves the room she smiles at her; leaving Hamer with no case. Al then agrees to give Willie a kidney, meanwhile Jesus give Joe a puppy that Brooklyn has been after with the cash stashed in the carrier that Joe had given to him just after the robbery until the heat died down and he’s laundered via his business. During the meet between Jesus and Joe, Hamer arrives as he still suspects Joe and wonders how they pulled it off and nearly spots the money when he looks at the dog. Joe also notices that it was Jesus that did the robbery that he witnessed with the Tattoo he saw being a fake as it made the FBI look for the Tattoo and not at him.

Joe, Al and Willie use part of the money to help their financial positions and give the rest to friends (including the waitress that served them everyday) and to the Lodge. After Al recovers from giving Willie a Kidney he marries Annie and the three of them toast their friendship and good fortune.

This film won’t win any awards but I though as a comical heist film it was very good, the 3 actors were perfect for this film but wouldn’t have worked in Last Vegas and Vice Versa apart from Morgan Freeman who stars in both as I think he cover most films (he was also in the latest version of Ben-Hur). I enjoyed this and reckon it is worth a watch.

Rating 7/10 – it’s comical and silly at times but this works.

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