Have seen Unforgettable being advertised by one of the stars – Katherine Heigl as follow her on Social Media and it looked interesting and the trailers left me wondering. 

Tessa a beautiful mum to Lily and ex-wife to David struggles to come to terms with David’s new girlfriend Julie and her relationship with her daughter and will stop at nothing to ruin their relationship, while Julie hopes David will help put her troubled past behind her, until Tessa finds out about the past and sees it as a way to end their relationship.

Release Date:- 21st April (US & UK)

Review Date:- 24th April

Directed By: Denise Di Novi


Katherine Heigl – Tessa Connover

Rosario Dawson – Julia Banks

Geoff Stults – David Connover

Isabella Rice – Lily Connover

Chertl Ladd – Tessa’s mother

Simon Kassiandides – Michael Vargas

Whitney Cummings – Ali (Julie’s best friend)


Well 70 to 80 minutes of this film was the complete opposite to the title and was forgettable, there is a few small parts that were okay but it’s basically Man has new girlfriend, ex wife doesn’t like this and goes out to destroy her and it progresses to putting the girlfriend’s life in danger and in the end one of them has to die. The storyline is predictable, Katherine plays the Ex as a cold ice queen but even her erotic scene doesn’t really give her any joy. Rosario plays the girlfriend well and I think the only one that comes out of this well aside Isabella who plays Lily. The last 20 minutes is where all the action is when Tessa’s efforts come through.

I kept forgetting the name of the film which others thought was hilarious due to the name of the film but perhaps it was a sign.


Truely Forgettable sums it up. There was 7 people in the showing I watched and I was the only male, not sure if this had been advertised as a Chick Flick (I didn’t think it had) but I considered leaving early but I hate people that do and that’s also for other things such as Theatre and Football. I give the movie less marks then people that attended, this is something I won’t watch again as there was just nothing to grab your attention and keep you watching. I don’t recommend this to other and would say wait until reaches the TV and then if find rubbish can switch over without wasting money. 4/10

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