Miss Sloane

After seeing the trailer for this movie, I put it on my to see list though I went into it with an open mind not knowing if I would like it or not. Starring Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane as a Lobbyist who whilst working for one Washington DC Lobbying firm is asked to lead the opposition to a proposed bill regarding buying guns and a requirement for background checks to be made for all purchases by a representative of a gun manufacturing and aim the campaign at women, Sloane ridicules this idea and during another campaign party Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) approaches Sloane and asks her to lead the effort to sport the bill with his lobbying firm, she accepts and takes her staff apart from her assistant Jane Molloy (Alison Pill) with her, Molloy refusing to leave as she wants to be the new Sloane at the firm.

During the campaign she selects Esme (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) to front the campaign in the Media as during her diligent research of her new staff she finds that Esme is a survivor of a Childhood gun attack at her school though at first she promises she won’t disclose this information but during a TV debate she does, later after another media slot Esme is held up at gunpoint but the would be attacker is shot by a member of public which causes the support for the bill to wane slightly, because of this and knowing how ruthless Sloane is her old lobbying firm along passes documents that show she has violated Senate Ethics and an hearing is arranged where Sloane is accused of breaching the Ethics and a travel form for a non-profit organisation that she has signed showing she has played a role in illegally arrange travel. When asked if she had anything to say as a final statement at first she says no but then says she has and then to inform the committee that having anticipated this assault on her that Jane Molloy though still at her old firm had been working for her and produced evidence of the Senator in charge of the committee accepting bribes from her old firm to bring these charges up which was then played in the hearing, she also shows her old boss what her new boss was paying for her service. The film ends with Sloane being visited in prison by her lawyer who says the bill has passed and in the final scenes she is seen released from prison.

I really liked this film more than I anticipated and I liked Jessica’s character in this. Though it was worked into the film by the using him in the hearing to see if Sloane broke the law I’m not sure of the importance of Forde who Sloane uses like a male prostitute (it’s suggested but never seen) in the movie. The movie glued me to the screen for the 130 odd minutes and deserves it nominations at the Golden Globes and other Movie Awards it received. My Rating is a good solid 8/10

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