After seeing the trailer I was intrigued about how the film was going to pan out and I was keen to see it but this unfortunately is a review that’s going to say don’t bother seeing. Starring Anne Hathaway as Gloria, Jason Sudeikis as Oscar and Dan Stevens as Tim. Gloria arrives home drunk one morning after another party but Tim (her boyfriend) has packed her things and says he’s had enough of her partying so she moves back to her parents old house and bumps into an old school friend (Oscar) who shows her the bar he has inhertied from his father. at the bar she meets Oscar’s friends Garth and Joel and they stay and have a few drinks, aftwerwards a drunk Gloria walks home through a park. When she wakes up she gets a call to watch the news and sees a monster attack on Seoul, she notices it has the same tic (itch on top of head) as she has and the next day at the same time she goes through the park and does some hand moments which she sees the monster do on the news later. The following day she tells the others and takes them to the park and while she gets them to watch a live stream of the monster and starts dancing and asks what is the monster doing, which they reply dancing and they look up to see Gloria dancing, as she dances a helicopter crashes into the monsters head and Gloria feels it, as she moves away she stumbles and falls, she later finds out several people died because of the fall and finds out a robot has also appeared alongside the monster, with Oscar’s helps she writes an apology via the Monster and notices that Oscar is the Robot and starts having flashbacks to her childhood. Oscar starts going to the park and wants to cause havoc with the robot but Gloria doesn’t and the pair of them start yelling. Eventually Gloria remembers the events that led to Robot/Monster appearances and she notices something on a map and heads to Seoul where she appears back in her town as the Monster and controls the monster to grab Oscar and throws him which in turn causes the robot to be thrown away from the city. She then walks back through the streets of Seoul and to a bar. 

Sounds kind of exciting and an enjoyable film reading that but honestly I thought it was very poor and not something I would say is worth seeing. I don’t Anne or Jason did anything wrong I just thought the storyline was rubbish, to me it’s like a story a film student wrote, the basis is there but it just seemed there was a massive rush to film it. 



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