Kate Winslet – Top 3 Movies

The second of my Top 3 is my favourite Kate Winslet films but first a bit about Kate Elizabeth Winslet whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting albeit she was wearing Dr Martins, jeans and rolling a cigarette, it was also a year or so before Titanic came out. Titanic was the first film I did see starring Kate Winslet but I have since watched Heaven Creatures, Jude and Sense & Sensibility. For someone who has been body shamed by the business and the press she has had no issues with appearing naked. 

Kate has had seven Oscar nominations winning once for The Reader and a top 10 single with What If from the Animation film Christmas Carol The Movie which she voiced Belle, among numerous of other awards including a CBE. 

Now my Top 3, this was quite hard to narrow down since she has starred in over 35 films but here goes. 

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  2. Titanic
  3. The Holiday

My Top 2 change positions a few times during my planning but decided on Eternal as felt this was a better if different film. Titanic I loved and saw it as a first date with then girlfriend Mary and holds fond memories for me. The Holiday was behind Enigma & Collateral Beauty at the start and then the Life of David Gale popped into my head but gave it to the Holiday as I liked the kindness of her character in it. In fact I think of all of the Kate Winslet films I’ve seen (most of the ones she has been in) only Triple 9 I’ve disliked her character/performance as she was very unconvincing as a Russian Gangster. 

Kate has 2 films out later this year and I believe one of them is already being a  potential Oscar nomination and I shall look forward to watching them. 

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