One Love Manchester

I just had to write a blog about the concert that was held on Sunday 4th June less than 24 hours after another terrorist attack in London that was being held in memory and for those effected by the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert 2 weeks ago. Ariana organised the concert and arrange the artist to perform and performing herself with many of them. Among those that performed where Manchester where Manchester’s own Take That, Robbie Williams (though born in Stoke but lived mostly in Manchester) and Liam Gallagher, other artist included Ariana’s pop stay friends Miles Cyrus, Katie Perry & Justin Bieber along with Coldplay, The Black Peas and Pharrell Williams but the most moving performance with Ariana was the Parrs Wood High School Choir with My Everything. Most of the songs performed had one thing in common, defiance, such as Don’t Look Back in Anger (performed by Chris Martin & Ariana), Stronger (Robbie Williams), Break Free (Ariana), Live Forever (Liam Gallagher & Chris Martin) and rounded off by Ariana singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow which was a moving tribute to those that lost there lives, it’s song that I love and to me it was so fitting and I will have to watch the concert again just to hear this track again. 

Whilst watching I was also Twitter, tweeting and reading other tweeters tweets and I was surprised by the world wide audience of the concert and during the concert details started being shared of what Ariana had done for the people of Manchester that had been affected. 

There is people that saying what does a concert achieve well to me it brought 55,000 people together in the name of Love and defiance and told terrorist up yours we’re not going to hide from you and at present it’s probably the one positive thing that’s come from many terrorist attacks in Europe and not been argued about. There is 2 images that sums up the concert to me 

The first was Ariana hugging the soloists of the Parrs Wood High School Choir after she got too emotional and the second was a policeman joining in dancing with some children. 

I loved the performance and I believe that Ariana should be honoured by the City of Manchester and I also believe she should be given an honour by the Queen, the concert raised over £2million on the night and I’ve just read that this figure is now over £10million and will continue to rise which is just phenomenal, on the day I watched Wonder Woman at the cinema it just seemed fitting that I can use the word Phenomenal Women for Ariana and call her a Wonder Woman and not forgetting she made Piers Morgan write a letter of apology. 

Ariana for a young lady of 23 what you have experienced and what you have done in the last 2 weeks is more than that 99% of what the world have done and will do in their lifetime, you have gained respect from those that just thought you were another Pop Princess. What you have given Manchester and the UK is more than your money and time you united them again and reduced the coverage and impact of the terror attack just the night before you became a true Brit last night. 

Love will conquer hate and we will not bow to terrorist, we will continue our way of life. #OneLoveManchester

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