Alien: Covenant

Not being a fan of the Alien film series I was open minded about this and as a Cineworld Unlimited Card holder it didn’t phase me whether it was good or not as was part of a day out with friends.

Covenant is set 10 years after Prometheus in the Alien franchise which started with Alien in 1979, Covenant like Prometheus is set before Alien.

The colonisation ship the Covenant is bound for Origae 6 when the ship is damaged and the ships captain dies when his Pod malfunctions and he is burnt alive. Whilst repairing the ship one of the crew picks up a radio transmission that nearly kills him, upon checking the transmission they find it’s coming from a nearby world that is a better match for colonisation than Origae 6 and as many of the crew are reluctant to return to their Pods acting Captain Oram decides to take the ship down to investigate despite the objections of Daniels. Whilst the Convent stays in orbit an investigating team descends to the plant and 2 members of the team get infected by Alien spores and are rescued by David who survived the Prometheus mission and had been sending out the signals the Covenant had picked up, the scouting craft is destroyed whilst Maggie attempts to shot and destroy one of the Alien creatures stranding the crew.

As not a fan of the Alien movie series I can’t really compare this to other movies in the series but this was a decent film but am told it’s not as good as the others in the series, I give it a 7/10 rating for this film though.


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