A Cineworld Unlimited screening saw me take in this movie with the added bonus of a free pack of Candy King sweets (I picked Strawberry Candysticks), I had already planned to see this before it was announced that it would be a Unlimited screening. Starring Chris Evans as Frank Adler who takes care of his 7 year old Niece Mary played by McKenna Grace after the suicide of her mother Diane. The film also stars Lindsay Duncan as Mary’s grandmother and Frank’s Mother Evelyn, Octavia Spencer as Roberta, Frank’s neighbour and friend and Jenny Slate as Bonnie Stevenson, Mary’s first teacher.

Mary is not a normal 7 year old girl, she is the daughter of Mathematical prodigy and is one herself and has never gone to normal school before, but after homeschooling her Frank decides she needs to go to school to become a normal child and interact with kids her age. After causing trouble by not being used to school her teacher Bonnie is shocked when Mary gives a correct answer to a difficult Math questions which she answers. After a incident on the school bus where Mary stuck up for a fellow classmate by breaking a 12 year old bully’s nose she again gets into trouble and is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children but Frank refuses which then leads to his mother to turn up and sue for custody of Mary.

Rather than carry on with the story I urge you to watch the film. Mckenna stole this movie, I’m not sure if there is an age limit for awards but she fully deserves one as for a 10 year old you can’t fault her acting and the chemistry she had with Chris Evans was really good. I did see this whilst had an eye infection so my eye was watering a lot during the movie but you will need to take tissues with you.

I’ve already booked to see this again this weekend, I feel that this could be an award contended but feel it’s been released too early for it to be a real contender but time will tell.

9/10 for this is truly deserved in my opinion.

Cineworld Unlimited Movies Review

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