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Spending the afternoon in the sun (reminds me need to put after sun on) blogging and listening to some new music I thought I blog about the music I was listening too as that’s what this site is about. First up is the new album by Katy Perry – Witness. I was disappointed with this album that I’ve only listened to half of it but it didn’t have her normally upbeat tracks, there doesn’t seem to be a Roar or Firework and just made more bored, sorry Katy you can do much better then this, very disappointed. 3/10

Second was Heart Break by Lady Antebellum, as like other Albums by Lady Antebellum this stays along the same style that works for them and if you liked their other albums you will like this one. 6/10

Thirdly was Truth is a Beautiful Thing by London Grammar, well until I saw adverts for this album I had never heard of London Grammar before let alone listened to any of their songs but I was pleasantly surprised by it and found quite enjoyable and very easy to listen too, those with Music Streaming services go and have a listen you might like me be pleasantly surprised and add this to you music list.7/10

I also listened to Martine McCutcheon’s new single – Say I’m Not Alone and actually really liked it, it sorted her voice and was very up beat and worked perfectly for me riding to it as speeds up and slows down well. I’m certainly looking forward to her Album Lost and Found when it comes out.

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