Camino Island

The latest book by John Grisham which I have just finished takes a different approach from most of his other books that are normally a Lawyer/Court setting though still has a criminal aspect to it. Set in Camino Island but start at Princeton University where a gang of thieves steal a precious bounty that is priceless but insured for $25 million. The FBI and Insurers start looking for the loot whilst the FBI are mainly on the gang of thieves the insurers are focused on the loot and where it may end up which brings us to Camino Island. The insurers enlist the help of a young novelist who has got a writers block and currently acting as teacher who they hope will be able to help find the goods by seduction and gaining the trust of the suspect who they believe has acquired the goods.

Though this isn’t the normal topic of John Grisham it is still a good book however it didn’t hook me as much as other books he has done such as The Whistler however it still beats many other Authors and books I’ve read.

Any John Grisham fan will lap this up but anyone looking for a summer read this will be perfect too. Anyone wanting a new author to read won’t go far wrong with John Grisham.

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