Table 19

A film that I never managed to get to see at the cinema for various of reasons but when I finally managed to see it for a film that stars Anna Kendrick and Lisa Kudrow I must admit I was disappointed with it, it seem to start to build up and then falls flat and this seems to be the theme of the whole movie.

Eloise (Anna Kendrick) was Maid of Honour to her best friend’s (Francie) wedding but when she’s dumped by her boyfriend Teddy (Wyatt Russell), Francie (Rya Meyers) brother she is demoted from being the Maid of Honour to just being invited and Eloise keeps changing her mind whether to attend or not but finally does and finds herself on Table 19 along with 5 other guests that Eloise says where invited but had hoped to have turned down the invite. After an uneasy start the six of them start to find out about each other, there is Jerry and Bina (Lisa Kudrow) Kepp, Renzo, Jo and Walter. After they go back to Jo’s room to smoke some pot they find out where each other has attended the wedding. As the wedding party starts to leave on a boat Eloise persuaded by Jo shouts out to Teddy that’s she pregnant and still loves him, as they return back to the hall and their table Teddy arrives soaking wet after jumping off the boat and swam back ashore. Several months later we find that Eloise has had a baby boy named Joe and the Kepps are looking after Jo’s dog as she has died of cancer and all have been keeping in touch with each other.

As mentioned this film promised much but failed to delivery there was no constant flow and felt patched together, I would wait for this to appear on TV rather than buy Home Media for this film and only going to give it 6/10.

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