The Sense of an Ending

Based on the novel of the same name, after I saw the trailer I was looking forward to go and see this film, however my local Cineworld didn’t show this so had to wait until was shown locally elsewhere.

Starring Jim Broadbent (Tony), Charlotte Rampling (Veronica), Harriet Walter (Margaret), Michelle Dockery (Susie), Emily Mortimer (Sarah), Billy Howle (Young Tony) and Freya Mavor (Young Veronica).

An elderly divorcé Tony Webster runs a camera shop in London, one day his ex-wife Margaret asks him to accompany his pregnant daughter Susie  to her prenatal class as she’s not able to make it, during the class he makes acquaintances with a couple of young ladies. After he has dropped Susie home he reads a letter he received from the estate of Mrs Sarah Ford the mother of an ex girlfriend Veronica explaining he has been left a diary by Sarah and he finds that Veronica is holding the diary. The film now alternates between Tony’s life with him meeting Veronica and visiting her parents house and meeting Sarah, it also shows his college years and with his current life and him tracking and stalking Veronica to try and talk to her about the Diary and why it’s been left to him. Finally Veronica agrees to meet and whilst talking he’s memories of his past start to change.

The film has a lot of depth and will only appeal to a few rather than to a whole but I actually enjoyed it as I do like films that make you think and then change your thinking so is constantly changing in your mind. It has a lot more than I’ve mentioned and if you’re a film fan watch this, there does seem like there is a lot missing but this is how it’s been intended so you’re left wanting more and drawing your own conclusions. I liked the way the film was done and Jim Broadbent never disappoints with his performances. I give this a solid 7/10


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