The Space Between Us

Another film I liked the look of the trailer but had to wait to see it as only a limited release film. It stars Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino.

During a flight to Mars that is the first mission to start to colonise Mars lead astronaut Sarah Elliot discovers she’s pregnant and upon arriving at Mars she gives birth to a boy (Gardner) but dies during childbirth, the CEO of Genesis (the company behind the mission) decides that the birth should be kept a secret. 16 Years later Gardner (Asa Butterfield) is now a intelligent and inquisitive boy and has struck up a friendship with Tulsa (Britt Robertson) via an Internet Chat Room. One day to find out more about his mother he hacks Centaur (a robot he helped build) to gain access to storage room and retrieve his Mothers belongings. Kendra Wyndham (Carla Gugino) who has been bringing Gardner up speaks to Nathaniel begging them to be allowed to return to earth but Gardner would need high risk surgery due to his low bone density as grown up without gravity, Nathaniel refuses however they board a space shuttle and return to Earth. Gardner is then quarantined to keep him from harm whilst he adjusts the Earth atmosphere however he finds that his body would not copy with the Earth Atmosphere so escapes to go and see Tulsa. He travels to Colorado to find her and when he finds her she hits him for “Ghosting” her as she’s not heard from him for 7 months whilst he had treatment but soon forgives him and says she will help him find his father. Kendra and Nathaniel now aware of where Gardner is track him down and Gardner and Kendra have confrontation and Gardner then leaves with Tulsa who uses her foster fathers old Plane. This starts a cross country chase, in Las Vegas Gardner becomes sick and Tulsa takes him to hospital where it is discovered he has a enlarged heart, Tulsa originally planning to leave him at hospital but starts to believe his story and promise to take him to California to find his father. When they arrive they find the man they were looking for is in fact Sarah’s brother and Gardner’s uncle. Whilst Tulsa and Sarah’s  brother talk Gardner wonders down to the ocean and when Tulsa catches up to him, he says this is where his mother is and wants to be with her, Tulsa tries to drag him back to shore when he collapses but Nathaniel and Kendra arrive just in time to help and help clear his lungs, Gardner then tells Nathaniel that he knows he’s his father, they rush him to space plane to get Gardner out of the earths atmosphere to relieve the pressure on his heart, Tulsa goes with them, this works but whilst it stabilises him he comes to terms that he must return to Mars in order to survive. As he leave he bids a emotional farewell to Kendra who is now retired from NASA and joins Nathaniel to return to Mars. Kendra goes to visit Tulsa and asks if she will let her adopt her, Tulsa agrees and determined to visit Gardner on Mars starts training with Kendra to become an astronaut.

This is a lovely made film and has a few twist, it’s a modern Romeo and Juliet type film where circumstances stop young lovers from being together and certainly well worth a watch, it’s mainly aimed at teenagers but I think all ages could watch this.

I find it weird that I can see an actor/actress and remember seeing them in something 20 years ago thought they’ve appeared in films I’ve seen since, this was the case with Carla as I remembered her from Spin City that start Michael J Fox back in the 1990’s. Asa and Britt where great leads and think Asa had to learn a lot about how he might have to act on earth as being an alien which is probably more than has been thought off previously about Aliens (who seem to cope fine).

I give this an 8/10 rating as an easy film to watch but enjoyable as has most aspects you need in a film.

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