The Day After Tomorrow

My favourite film of all time. Released in 2004 starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, it shows the catastrophic effects of Climate change with the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean Flow due to the Polar Caps melting that triggers extreme weather than causes a new Ice Age. The film idea is taken from the 1999 book The Coming Global Storm that gives some of the scenarios in the film.

In the film, Paleoclimatologist Professor Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) with his team including a NASA Meteorologist build a weather forecast after the globe is hit by several weather and takes his findings the US government and finally to the President and suggests to evacute the northern part of the country as they predict a storm that the eye of it has a cooling temperature of -150F that will freeze everything caught in the eye. Meanwhile Jack’s son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is competing in an Academic Decathlon in New York, when Jack tells his son Sam about the weather at first he wants him to try and get home but as the weather worsens he tells him to stay put and stay warm as he is coming to find him. Sam finds shelter in the Public Library in New York with others. The film then seperates into 2 stories, Jack’s trip to New York which has become like a Polar Expedition and Sam’s struggles in New York to keep warm and also to help Laura Chapman (Emmy Rossum) who cut her leg whilst hurrying to get into the Library before a Tsunami wave hit.

I really enjoyed the movie as whilst it’s fiction you can’t help thinking What If… this is part of the reason I like this film. It’s a very well made film and has an excellent cast and you can’t tell what’s going to happen next and includes the deaths of the US President and the Royal Family (though never mentioned is hinted that they perished). I watch this nearly everytime it’s on and I’ve still not got bored of watching this.

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