Due to a stomach bug I had to give the Cinema a rest for a few days so decided to watch Casablanca as never watched it fully (I’m sure I’ve seen bits and pieces on Saturday afternoons). Made during the Second World War and also set during the same time it’s set in the Vichy (French State) city of Casablanca where the Nazi’s also have a large say in the running of the city as occupy much of France. It stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick an American that runs Rick’s Cafe Americain a nightcliub and Gambling Den, Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund, Rick’s love interest but also Victor’s husband and Paul Henreid as Victor Laszlo a resistant fighter.

A petty crook obtains a Letter of Transit (allowing persons named to move freely around German occupied countries) by murdering a couple of Nazi Soldiers, he asks Rick for help as he plans to sell them at his club as worth a lot of money to the refugees in Casablance hoping to get to neutral counties like Portugal. He is arrested and dies in Custody without revealing where the letters are, the Police and German Soldiers believe Rick has them though he denies this. Just after this Rick’s former lover Ilsa enters the Cafe and asks Sam (the House Pianist) to play “As Time Goes By” which infuriates Rick who storms over to confront Sam only to see Ilsa, as Victor is in Casablanca the German’s have sent Major Strasser over to make his life harder and to stop him getting to America. This starts the true story of the film and also goes back a year or 2 when Ilsa and Rick where in Paris and started to fall for each other though it turns out Ilsa was already married to Victor.

For a film that’s 75 years old and filmed in months this is a film that has stood the test of time, I think it’s probably worthy of being up their with one of the best Second World War films. Though I have see photos of Ingrid Bergman she is absolutely stunning in this film and certainly would have fitted in with today’s stunning A list stars. Humphrey easily sold the character as Rick and I can see why these two where classed as A List stars. If you have never watched this film you must, for any film bluff or someone who says they love films has to see this or they can’t say they’re a film bluff, it’s an easy film to watch and shows that you don’t need CGI and special effects to make a movie. I am now getting a photo of Ingrid from 75 years ago to put with my other photos for my room that has a range of Movie items.

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